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Gatta Cote 6 Denier Tights

I’ve noticed I’ve been a lot of casual reviews lately rather than my work ones – sorry about that! Although it’s nice to switch it up now and again (not everyone can dress up to work like most of us!)

The Spec

Colour: Visone

Size: 2 / Small

Materials: 63% Pluamide / 35% Elastane / 2% Cotton

Price: $15.99

Website: Gatta Cote Classic Collection Tights 6 Den


My Outfit

So I was heading out into town to do a little shopping, and seeing it was a gorgeous day I decided to go with my oversized t-shirt along with my denim shorts and to finish it off, I wore my new Dr Marten boots (which are not in the pic as I stupidly put them away when doing this review!)

I left my hair undone and just bed-head as I couldn’t be bothered and just added small pearl studs to finish off the look!

My Deets

T-Shirt: Superdry

Shorts: Select Fashion

Tights: Gatta



The Review

From The Website:

Tailored to the needs of modern women’s tights elegantek thickness 6 DEN part of a business dress code, providing a professional appearance and comfort even on summer days. There are no clearly marked fingers permitted according to the label dress shoes assumption partly discovered.  Use of the producer Gatta 3D technology combined with optimal selection of the yarns provides the impression of gentleness both visual and sensory.  The effect of haze on the leg gives a light tone colors in a silky, matte finish.  Transparent part of the panty t-band and a small cotton gusset in Cote model provide a sense of comfort during use”


  • very thin
  • perfect for summer days
  • exceptionally comfortable
  • soft and sensual
  • composition: 63% Nylon, 35% Spandex, 2% cotton”

I have to add here that the packaging on the website and the packaging I had are different, but they are just the same pair of hosiery:



Getting Them On: these are super thin (being 6 denier – the lowest denier I have ever done!) so I do advise you to be careful getting them on. I managed to end up ripping mine as soon as I got them on. I think as soon as I took my gloves off, my nail must have caught it and I had a massive ladder going down my thigh!



The Toes: are sandal and I don’t think they’re reinforced either. But they lasted well even if the tights didn’t! They are comfy, enough wiggle room and they don’t squish your toes to death! Perfect to wear with open toe shoes!



The Waistband: is so comfortable! No issues with these whatsoever today! They’re nicely fitted on the waist and don’t budge all day. Mine were higher than my shorts (they’re pretty low) so you get to see the band! Perfect if I wanted to do layers under shorts as well!



On The Legs: they are so nice but the colour isn’t my cup of tea. The colour is a little off on my legs, but in the images you can’t really tell. When the sun hits, they don’t actually do my legs any favours and makes them look really whitish and weird. I love tans or neutrals as they work, but these are a little strange so maybe next time I might do with a dress or skirt and see how I get on. Although saying that, the image below my legs look so good!! I just can’t win…..



Overall Thoughts?

I really love these being so thin and so sheer, so perfect for summer. But they do rip so easily so you do need to be mega careful. Another thing is the colour; I wasn’t too keen on this, but if they made it slightly Golden I would totally buy 10 more pairs!

Even though they ripped, the quality is still good; they’re smooth and silky and lasted pretty well even with the ladder on my legs!

I thought nothing could beat the Barely There tights I have done before in nude, but these have come quite close!

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