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Gatta Chiara 04 Tights

Ok so after an eventful few blogs, I am back in my Gattas and onto another review. As I was away in Wolverhampton for the weekend, I had to dress up pretty smart to see my aunties, uncles and cousins. On day 2, I decided to go quite vintage with a cute little twist! It’s an idea I had when I was in the shower and thought it would totally work and I just had to try it out!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Denier: 20

Size: 2 / Small

Price: £4.98

Website: Gatta Chiara nr 04 20 den


My Outfit

So my outfit like I mentioned was pretty retro like – I went with my green wrap over dress with my gattas and finished off with some amazing Steve Madden heels that my sister sent over from London! I absolutely love them! It’s not a pair I would go for, but when I got them on I just fell in love! They’re so quirky and different and I thought it worked so well!

I finished the look off with my pearl drop earrings and left the necklace!

My Deets

Dress: off eBay

Tights: Gatta

Shoes: Steve Madden

Earrings: Satori Accessories


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Can I just take a moment to appreciate these gorgeous heels before I crack on?? They deserve their own picture (with my hosed feet in there too!)


The Review

Packaging: shows the model wearing them at the front and then a little lowdown at the back:

“Tights for ladies, patterned, made of braided elastan type yarn, matt, without marked knickers’ part.”


The Toes: are lovely and sheer and I am sure that these are reinforced (I hope they are) – I only mention as my tights were pressed against my toes a lot in these shoes and I expected them to just make a massive toe hole in them by the end of the day, but they lasted so well and not a single scratch!


Under The Foot: is where the design begins, right from under the toes! They are small dots which lead into a double bow just above the ankle wrinkles and then works back into dots again right up to the waistband. This makes it a lot easier to get your line up right from the start!


The Waistband: holds the tights up well throughout the day. I didn’t encounter any problems; no slight sipping, no hanging gusset, so it’s all good! The best thing is that they aren’t that thick on the waist, so there is no curling in!


The Tights: are just gorgeous. I love the matt look, which actually made my legs look gorgeous and I love the backseam design, which added the cute factor into my outfit (as well as the shoes). I was opting for just plain but I wanted to experiment with patterns on this one.


The way they feel is just amazing and they hardly snag either. I ended up playing with my cousin’s dog and she was jumping all over me, so I expected a few snags and rips, but I got to say I ended up without any whatsoever!


The denier is just perfect, and with a matte finish it just completes the look in my eyes. I love my glosses but there is something about matte that makes legs just look wonderful if you’re not a high shine fan!



Overall Thoughts?

I think I’m gonna buy an extra 5 pairs just to keep in case I sell or snag the pair I currently have. I have fallen in love with them; the quality, the look and how amazing they are. They totally beat a similar pair I have in the Fiore brand! I don’t have anything to criticise about them!

Totally worth the money I say! Thank you Gatta – these are just stunning!


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