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Gatta ‘Bye Cellulite’ Tights

I’m making my way through the shapewear, seeing as I have quite a few of them to review.

I know a lot of people say that I don’t need to wear it, but honestly I actually quite like them. It’s hard to explain, but it makes me feel good on those days where I don’t if you see what I mean. It’s like a confidence booster in a sense knowing that you’re wearing something that is gonna make your tum and bum look great without even trying. I’m weird I know…

Now this one is certainly the first I have ever come across.. It tackles cellulite!!

The Spec


Size: 2 / Small

Denier: 20

Materials: 84% Nylon, 15% Elastane (Lycra), 1% cotton

Price: $20.00

Website: Gatta Bye Cellulite Tights 20 Den

I won’t delve into detail about the outfit I wore with these (it was just a black oversized jumper with my grey thigh boots), so I’ll go straight into the review for you!


The Review

From The Website:

  • Tights Gatta Bye Cellulite is a product function that helps in the fight against cellulite, enriched with bioactive minerals.
  •  After putting pantyhose absorb body heat, then sending them back in the form of infrared radiation.
  •  This results in better blood circulation, and hence – better its appearance and eliminating the orange peel.
  •  Beneficial effects of tights can be observed after four weeks of wearing them. 20 DEN thickness makes it ideal for styling and daily output, especially during spring and autumn.
  • Non-irritant, non-allergenic
  • Incredibly fashionable
  • Flexible
  • Comfortable
  • Manufactured in/imported from Europe


The Packaging: there’s a fair bit of information that you can find out about these all over the packaging. At the front it shows the drawn model wearing the hosiery along with “revolutionary New Mineral Additive” and at the back, you find out why these are so great:

Ladies’ opaque tights, non-transparent, made of a special fiber with a built-in mineral additive.

“Unique built-in mineral additive absorbs the warmth of the human body converting it into far infrared rays. Far infrared rays are reflected back to the body’s tissues leading to a delicate, yet imperceptible warming of the body’s tissues. They stimulate cellular metabolism, invigorate skin blood supply and its general appearance, eliminate the appearance of cellulite.”

“The tights improve the flow of lymph which positively supports the slimming effect that is combines with an anti-cellulite action. The first effects are visible in the hips, buttocks and belly area within approximately 4 weeks of use. The effectiveness of the tights’ action does not decrease while numerous washing due to an application of a unique technology that combines a mineral additive with the fibre structure, which the product is made of. Panty part due to the special construction is very tight fitting.”




Getting Them On: I do feel that these aren’t as tough to scrunch and roll. Normally they do get tighter and sometimes I do struggle to get them on, but these I found to be more ‘light control’ – they probably aren’t, but they seem it. You can instantly see the colour difference as soon as you have them on.



On The Legs: oh dear God! Not being funny, but I am hating this colour. My legs actually look fake and doll-like. Even my mum was like “What the hell happened to your legs?” – not liking this denier at all! It might not be so bad if they were in black, but certainly not this colour.

The only benefit it is you have stubby / hairy legs and want a skin tone to cover that; this works perfect. It covered my tattoo really well and (not gonna lie) my hair is growing back ready for my next laser session and you cannot see a single one in sight. So it’s the perfect cover-up.

Otherwise, I really don’t like this!



The Toes: the same colour issue goes for the toes. You can faintly see the nail varnish through it, but it’s a very thick denier so it works well if you’re looking for reinforcement. They first start off having enough wiggle room with a bit of baggy-ness either side of the foot, but during the day this moulds and becomes more fitted without squishing your little piglets!



The Denier: I have to say I do like thicker deniers (when it’s getting cooler), and these are quite nice. They’re good quality (my boots rubbed against bits on my thigh and you couldn’t even tell) and snagging would be hard to achieve with these pair. However, the colour is the concern for me. If these were black, this would be a glowing review for sure, but no way would I ever wear this colour again! It does me no favours.

I know a lot of you had mixed reviews when I posted up a mini clip of them on my Instastory; some loved and some just thought eww! I’m with the group that voted eww!



‘Bye Cellulite’: On the bum, I have to say it did make a difference. Obviously with what I was wearing you couldn’t tell, but it was enough for me to walk around and feel confident that my little tushy was looking good as well as the rest of my legs! If you see 2 pictures down, you can see how smooth the bum area looks compared to how it would normally (and no my bum doesn’t always look like this!)


On the legs, I did notice that they looked ultra smooth – that’s why they looked so weird-like! I did feel that my legs didn’t jiggle as much as they normally do, which I suppose is a good thing!


On the tum I didn’t feel it so much if I am honest, but then again with consistent wear I just might. The band was pretty tight to begin with, but then you end up adjusting to it throughout the day. Just remember that it will feel pretty tight from the toes to he waistband, so don’t think it’s because you might be too big for them!



My Thoughts?

These are a decent pair of shaper tights; they do their job well and the quality is really good too. But the colour is just a no no in my eyes. As I mentioned before, I would recommend these in black (unless you like the colour then don’t let my review stop you!)

I think these would work better in colder months rather than summer if you’re looking for shaper as my legs were dying of heat in these! I suppose that’s the whole infrared technology getting to work 😉

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