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Gatta Bodywear – Tunic Dress

And onto another one of Gatta’s finest bodywear – the tunic. I love my stripes and this is perfect for summer! It’s a pattern that never does out of fashion and can be paired with various hosiery; tights, stockings, holdups, coloured, opaques, nets, lace! You name it, it can work!

Stripes is something that I always love creating funky looks with; I used to do it a lot with my white and black striped bandeau dress; I did sheers (black and nude), nets, lace, coloured! That’s where you can let your imagination go wild and if you’re a fan of print on print, then stripes is the one to do it with!


Now with this blog, I won’t be doing a whole outfit look as I wanted to focus on the tunic itself. I normally would pair with hosiery and heels, but seeing as I did that with their Blanca Skirt this time I’m gonna just tunic it out!


The Review

So I received this in size Small (most of the products sent are in the size).

 Packaging: like the Gatta Blanca Skirt, it came in a box with a picture of the model on the inside of the packaging and then he sizing guide and materials of the product at the back.

Inside it’s wrapped so neatly in plastic (and this is where you get the iron out ready!)

Getting it out: you will find that it’s neatly folded with no cardboard support inside. As soon as I unfolded it out, I knew this was going to be massive on me. But I will still give it a go!

Putting it on: I found that there is no sewn in label, but a small faint print of the Gatta logo at the back of the tunic. I got this on and it is HUGE! I then noticed that the packaging stated this could have come in XS (which would have fit perfect on me!).

The Sizing: this would certainly fit a more UK 8 – 10 woman as I am pretty slim, I am more on the 6 – 8 side! I know this would have been a lovely fit if it was in XS and something nice to wear with a pair of leggings if you’re not comfortable with the shortness of it.



“I have to admit I didn’t wear this out of the room as all my family and friends know my fashion sense and would have slated me if they found me wearing something that doesn’t fit right so it was for the bedroom only in this case.” 

The Print: I really do like the gradient on this. It goes from medium to thick stripes and then blends together at the bottom – perfect for creating the curve effect. I love dresses that enhance features and not go against them; I know this would have cured me out a little rather than make me look stick thin!


The Feel: is so soft and I know this would have been a lovely clingy tunic (that’s if you’re into bodycon). It’s not the material that suffocates your lumps and bumps, but it does gently hug your body. I really do the material and how gorgeous it feels!


Overall Thoughts?

Even though the tunic is massive on me, I really do like this piece. I would buy this in a smaller size and would recommend to you all to do the same if you’re quite petite. The quality is lovely, the feel is soft and it works for summer like I mentioned before.

I have to say now I’m dreading doing the other bodywear if they’re gonna be like this!

 To get your tunic, visit > Gatta MARIPOSSA Tunic

(Just a heads up that I could only find this on the Polish site!)