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Gatta Bodywear Blanca 01 Skirt

I have been so excited to try out Gatta’s Bodywear collection; very office type they have sent me and I have been dead excited to get started on them.

Now even though I am wearing hosiery with it (which is part of another collab) I will just be focusing on skirt and outfit as a whole. The tights will be reviewed separately J

Bodywear is something I have not tried from hosiery brands – I know I have only done the Fatal Dress of Wolford’s but not something that you could wear everyday to work or a shopping trip, so I’m totally looking forward to this!


My Outfit

Seeing as it’s a black patterned skirt, I decided to go light on top and pulled out a shirt I have not worn in ages! On the bottom I added barely there sheers just to keep it light and fresh making the skirt the bold piece.

I left my hair down as up would make it look too formal and I kept my heels quite low as well seeing as I have a busy day ahead of me!

To finish it off, I just added pearl studs and left the neck bare. You can always add something to make it look more.

My Deets:

Shirt: New Look

Skirt: Gatta

Tights: LoveYourLegs

Shoes: Dorothy Perkins


The Review

Now this will be a good challenging review; challenging in the sense of it’s not about hosiery but more about the clothing.


The skirt is packed in a very nice study box, showing an image of a real model wearing the skirt in a dark grey. There isn’t much at the back to brag about; just the materials used and washing instructions.


Once I got into it, I saw that it was neatly wrapped in a plastic bag. When you take it out, I would advise hanging it for the creases to fall out of the skirt. I did a bad thing and steam ironed it when it said not to – but I was super careful and managed to get some of it out. The best thing about these are that they are seamless – just like the Fatal Dress. It doesn’t matter if the skirt turns on your body; it’s exactly the same all the way around!


I have to admit looking at the wait before I get it on seems kinda big, but then again it just might fit quite nice when it actually is on. I am loving the design on this skirt – honeycomb with a thick band at the bottom. It’s so lovely to touch and actually a really nice material – clingy but not to the point you see pantylines!



(P.S: That is not a pantyline – that is just my shirt!!!!)

Getting it on I did find that this was slightly big on me (This is in a size Small), but it sits fine and doesn’t fall or move so I have no complaints. I love the fact that I have worn it for a whole day and it had felt like I haven’t been wearing anything! I know that sounds weird but it is so light and it doesn’t sit tight on you. I think it’s supposed to but I’m glad it doesn’t!

I know this is me getting personal now, but it would be great for women who are on their time of month, feel bloated and don’t want anything pressing hard on their stomach!


The waistband on these are gorgeous – a lovely thick elasticated band which has a lot of stretch to it. I didn’t need it but for those who are between sizes, it would be perfect for you. It doesn’t have the honeycomb pattern on it; it’s subtly ribbed but looks so good!



Overall Thoughts?

I love this skirt I really do! I think it may have to replace that ribbed black bodycon one I have from New Look! This is amazing quality, fits so nicely and it would work with any outfit by adding texture and design to it!


8 thoughts on “Gatta Bodywear Blanca 01 Skirt

  1. I love it when hosiery companies push out to RTW, always have some really innovative collections and play to their strengths. I’m a total Wolford bodywear whore!