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Gatta Black Brillant Tights

Well these are something different – and became a mega hit when I uploaded it onto my Instastory a few weeks back!

I have a little treat for you all – and no it’s not latex or anything fetish-like! I decided to rock some high shiners! I was gonna wait until it was getting darker and colder but to be honest, I couldn’t wait that much longer to get them on!

I know I’ve been in a few opaques recently (it’s mainly down to the fact that I need to cover those legs for the time being as they’re pretty bad and my laser appointment is just taking forever to come around) – so sheers are a no-go for now!

The Spec

Colour: Nero / Black

Size: 2 / Small

Denier: 120

Materials: 76% polyamide, 24% elastane

Price: £11.50

Website: eBay – Gatta Black Brillant Tights


My Outfit

Now I’m a bit miffed as I had to change my outfit last minute. I was going for a fine knit long jumper with this, but then realised it kept exposing my bum (that’s a no no at work) so I changed into my oversized shirt instead. I really wanted to do the jumper, but never mind!

I added a waist belt and some small gold earrings to finish the top half of me, and then I decided to go all extra with my boots! I thought they worked really well with the outfit!

My Deets

Shirt: Miso @ Republic

Tights: Gatta

Boots: Simmi Shoes


The Review

From The Website: Innovative, opaque tights are made of elastic fabric obtained through conjunction with shiny lycra fiber polyamide. The elastic properties of knitted fabric used and the use of the seam along the upper translates into a perfect fit to the body and comfort. Subtly accentuates the legs. The advantage of the optical slimming pantyhose legs. Comfortable seating waist and smooth to the touch material poczuie give comfort. Extremely durable, fashionable leggings imitate.

– 100% opaque tights
– Perfect fit
– Extremely durable
– Composition: 76% Nylon, 24% Spandex.


The Packaging: it comes in a slimline box (due to the thickness) which I think is super cool. The front shows the model wearing them along with an open window, and the back gives you the lowdown in various languages:

“Innovative opaque tights made from an exceptionally elastic knitted material obtained from the combination of lycra fibre and shiny polyamide. They underline in a subtle way the leg line and make them look slimmer optically. High elasticity of the used knitted material and the application of the seam along the upper make it all perfectly fit the body and provide comfort of wear.”

The one thing I do like about these is the opening at the back! I don’t know why but I’ve never seen anything like it before.


The Waistband: is pretty nice and thick and has so much room. Not only that, they are comfortable! It’s not tight on your waist at all! There isn’t a gusset in this, so I would say treat them like you would with a pair of leggings!



The Toes: these are so thick it’s unreal. I find it hard to believe that these are tights you know! You get proper foot coverage, and depending on your nail varnish, you may see it slightly peering through! I think they look so weird but pretty cool at the same time! You do get a lot of toe room in these; at first it’s slightly big but then they mould around your feet.


On The Legs: oh my god they fit like a pair of leggings would! I seriously think these are super cool to be tights! They hug every curve and sit in ever bend nicely; you will get bit where it does pull away but that’s normal due to the thick denier. I love how opaque they are, so you can rock it with the shortest top or dress.. or whatever really! I wore them as leggings to work secretly knowing that they’re far from it!


The Shine: I love!!! In the sunlight it looks so gorgeous with a shimmer to them, giving them that slight wet-look effect! It’s like this beautiful black pearl shine! I seriously cannot get enough of them!


This image below is with the flash on so you can see the difference in ‘night’ lightPhotoGrid_1504971745962



I love them! I normally stay away from deniers like this, but these are just out of this world! I love how shiny they are in any type of light and the fact that they look like leggings rather than tights is a bonus too!

I love how thick these are which means no bit of you is exposed (which is nice sometimes) so it is safe to wear them with shorter pieces of clothing!


7 thoughts on “Gatta Black Brillant Tights

    1. I like to wear Mini skirts ! After reading about these Tights I want to get a pair & try them! These sound perfect for the fall & winter months& into early spring. After seeing the photos I’m like wow! Just what I need & to wear when I go out . Plus those would make My legs look sharp & perfect to pair with high heels& which I have ! I have a pair of ankle boots that are high heel. I’ve got several mini skirts those tights would really make the finishing touch . Those are perfect to wear when going out on a date ! Which I’m getting ready to go out on one . But I need to get a pair of those tights to wear . So that I’ll look very confident when I go out on hot date! I can’t wait to get a pair & try them!

  1. Oh for got to ask are these available to buy to the public yet I want a pair did a search couldn’t find them I live in the usa. thought you might know where I can get a pair or 2.

    1. Check Amazon & E bay . & you can order them from As well. Those would be your best bet! I’m wanting to get a pair of them Myself! Can’t wait to try them !

    1. I like to wear mini skirts & those tights would add the finishing touch! Those paired with a pair of high heels would look hot ! I’m wanting to get a pair of those tights!

  2. Hi .I want to buy this tights . I dont now whitch size choose 2 or 3 . My measure are 164 cm and 60 kg . This tights are very streech or not , are long o short . I need advise what size choose .