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Gatta Bikini Comfort Underwear

Now this is a first for me and I was so hesitant to do a review on these.. Until I plucked up the courage to just do it! I was really excited about doing underwear for Gatta, and this is one of many!

So sorry to say that it’s not Fishnet Friday for me this week, but Fat Ass Friday instead (well even though I actually don’t have a big bum!)

Now before  I continue…

I just want you all to know that I won’t be exposing anything, and it is done tastefully, so you still get to see bits of the underwear but you won’t get to see all of me. A lot of you know that I don’t expose intimate parts, so please don’t comment on here or DM about how ‘disappointed’ you might be that I haven’t shown all of me in these!

Now let’s roll…

The Spec

Size: XS

Colour: Nude / Beige

They don’t have these on their website so unable to provide a link or price for you!

The Review


I’m going straight into it for you, as I wore these under another outfit that I reviewed for you yesterday, so this is just a follow on from there 🙂

The Packaging: it comes in a very small box wrapped so neatly! Around the box you will find the front of the underwear on one side, and the back of it on the opposite side. On the edges, there’s small little touches about the product mentioned:



Inside The Box: you will find a pair that look way too big to be a size XS, but are so silky smooth and so soft to touch!


When They’re On: they fit like a dream and hardly feel like you’re wearing anything to be honest. I love the way they feel and how soft they are! They fit flush against you and just creasing or anything, it’s like they become a part of you!


The Back Of Them: is not something I like unless I want total bum coverage, but perfect for women on their time of month for comfort. They shape lovely around the bum and fit to your figure. No bagging or sagging off you! Hubby was surprised to actually see my bum covered for once hehe!


Oh I forgot to mention that these don’t have a label inside, but the brand printed onto them instead like Calvin Klein do!PhotoGrid_1494595212782

The Gusset: is so soft you hardly feel it. It’s a lovely cotton part where it just blends into the underwear! No irritation at all and no sticking to you either (if you get what I mean here!)


Smooth Finishes: and I mean with the cut on these. They are just perfect and so symmetrical! The bottom pic shows the inside of them, and on the outside it’s just a smooth pristine finish. The best part is no VPL (visible panty lines!)


Under Hosiery: you would think the hosiery would slip right off? Well… nothing like that at all. It sits perfect underneath, doesn’t roll up like some underwear do when you pull up your waistband against them and just feel perfect! I have never felt so comfortable in a pair of bikini underwear before!! It really does feel like I’m not wearing anything!


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  1. The reason most of us follow you as your not like other models, your stunning classy sassy and have style, we wouldn’t want you to reveal yourself. I jusy enjoy seeing your reviews! Great first underwear review really well done