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Gatta Assel Holdups

I’m working my way through the Gatta collection as best as I can, but the biggest struggle each day is what hosiery to wear. Their collection is just amazing and there are so many different styles, I never know which ones to choose! I just want to wear them all in one go.

So, seeing as I have done tights the past few times, let me switch it up and do a pair of holdups instead.

To get your gorgeous pair, visit their website > Gatta Assel 01 Patterned Stockings

My Outfit

I know, I know I’m back to my black even though the sun is out! Well I was once again running late this morning and to be fair the office is pretty cold right now (they’ve switched the heating off and it’s now a fridge!) so jumper dresses are once again my best friend! I opted for one of my all-time favourites – the gold studded dress! It just works with so much and you can dress this in so many different styles!

Before you start scrolling down, let me mention that my shoes are as bright as anything. I fancied a pop of colour to brighten up the outfit. It’s a pair that I don’t bring out often but a pair that I love – I call them blurple! (It’s a mix between blue and purple) and that name has just stuck with them ever since!

My Deets:

Jumper Dress: AX Paris

Holdups: Gatta

Shoes: Office


The Review

Not going into a lot of detail again, but below is the packaging for the holdups, with the blurb at the back stating:

Stockings for ladies, self-supporting, made of braided Lycra yarn, transparent, matt, an elastic lace is sewed on in the upper part.” A little correction there – they’re holdups!



Getting them out the packaging you will find that these are folded in half where you can see a subtle leg outline. I love it when brands do that – it makes it so much easier to get them on I find. The best part is that the seam of the holdups lines with the crease so you know exactly where it needs to sit to get that perfect hugging fit on the legs.

Normally I find that seams are on the inner thighs, but I prefer them when they sit at the back of the legs instead (it just looks nicer!)


Around the toes is sheer bliss! Not reinforced but sandal is good enough for these beauties. Enough wiggle room and hard to rip too (especially seeing as I have long toenails at the moment). It sits flush against the feet and no gapping between the ankle and the hosiery either which is a bonus!


The beauty with holdups is that you can make them sit wherever you want. I normally have mine quite high (I don’t want to give everyone a peep show). Some have it midway and some have it quite low (that I don’t know why). Anyways my point is that these are stretchy as anything and you can’t tell! I made these go higher than they should and they have sat there all day without feeling like they’re gonna drag down my leg any second. I do admit there was a slight tug to begin with, but when it settles, you’re good to go!


The silicone bands on these are very thin but so damn nice. Normally they are quite thick, but these being on a lovely thin lace, they are a lot slimmer but still have an incredible hold to them. I was worried that they might lose some grip, but they have lasted all day. I have even taken them on and off to test if the grip is still the same as when I got them on, and I can proudly say that they are!


The design is so cute!!! I love polka dots – works with anything and everything and I truly mean that. Even with the boldest or simplest clothing, it just transforms or adds to it. I love that they are around 20 deniers with the polka dots being a lot higher in denier to make them stand out. I have to note that these will leave little marks on your legs when you take them off after a day’s wear. But not to worry though – they do fade really quickly.


The band is the most stunning part of the whole look; delicate, simple and gorgeous! It gives the holdups a slight twist from fun to subtly sexy. It’s not like any other band I have tried on before; the lace is delicate yet thick enough not to snag. I have tried to snag them with my nails to test them out, but nothing whatsoever unless it’s with something sharp!



Overall Thoughts?

Whether it is for bedroom pleasure or just to make yourself feel good at work, these are a pair that I would recommend to you all to have in your collection. I love the whole concept of them and the fact that they aren’t easy to snag is my selling point. They’re simple but effective, fun yet sexy and they are a brand which I am so happy to do reviews for as they are working their way into my top 5 (they were in the 10 before!)

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