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Gatta Assel 02 Holdups

Before I begin with this one, I got to say that I found it so hard to pair up white holdups, especially when they are this pretty!

It took me ages to try and find a dress to match, and I mean I did try! I wanted to do colour, then thought it made my legs look too white, so then switched to white on white and then looked bridal and then opted for skirts and that was just a no because I didn’t feel comfortable wearing white holdups, so believe me when I say that I really did try and then just decided to make it more about the hosiery than my outfit in this blog. I just gave up in the end and knew I have to search my 2nd wardrobe back at my parent’s house to see if I can get anything to match that I will be comfortable in.

What a hoohah!!

The Spec

Colour: Bianco / White

Size: 1-2 / XS-Small

Price: $18.00

Website: Gatta Assel 02 Patterned Stockings

My Outfit

Not trying to focus on the outfit, but I wore a white tank top with my denim shorts to just make it easier to show these off – I mean I needed all the leg possible to do that!

I didn’t add any footwear (even though I was tempted with my converses to make it more casual, but I realised it wouldn’t work so well with the top lace design being so light and feminine!

If you’re confident enough to rock white, then please do comment on this blog and drop me what you wore – I need so inspo!


The Review

Packaging: sketched model who comes to life from the waist down showing the stockings holdups in black. Let me point out here that these are not stockings, but are holdups so you don’t need a suspender belt to hold them up with – they’ve got the silicone straps!!

The back is like all other Gatta packaging and shows the reinforced toe / sandal toe symbol at the bottom, and blurb at the side in various languages:

“Stockings for ladies, self-supporting, made of braided Lycra type yarn, transparent, matt, an elastic lace is sewed on in the upper part.”


Getting Inside: you will find them packed neatly and wrapped around cardboard. When you unfold them, these are folded horizontally so you can line up and get them on easily. I didn’t have to pinch and pull them at the toes to make sure that thy are lined up or anything, and this makes it easier to just roll them straight up your leg.


The Toes: are a lovely white sheer, so perfect for exposing if you wish. I really do hope that symbol means reinforced, but I have a feeling it could just mean sandal toe (it doesn’t make it clear anywhere!!)


The Bands: are just delightful. If anything I would recommend these to brides-to-be as they’re so gorgeous and delicate. I think that is why I found it so hard to pair as they are in a world of their own! It’s a lovely double silicone strip so you have a good hold on these which will stay up all day (they did with me). You can adjust the height as well – I normally wear mine quite high as I like the band to be covered like a little secret I’m hiding, but some like to wear it lower so it’s slightly/more exposed.



The Overall Design: is very subtle, yet dainty. You have a plain white sheer leg and a few inches at the top, it works from a polka dot design into nets and mini mandalas. I think it just looks absolutely stunning – I wish I had these in Golden or Black as I would have rocked them to work instead rather than just a lounge outfit at home!


The Feel: is just fab! I have to admit I did snag these as soon as I got them on on my toenail (luckily it’s on the foot so can be covered) but I would be careful with them as they will show! They’re soft, slightly silky (enough for dresses and skirts to glide past them) and have a lovely matte finish to them. I really do love matte as I think it does wonders with my legs – some prefer, some don’t but that’s down to your personal taste.


Overall Thoughts?

Even though I didn’t manage to style it with an outfit for you all, I really do like these holdups. I think they’re beautifully elegant and as mentioned before, perfect for a bride-to-be to wear under her dress. The design is just right if you’re after an everyday pair, but I really do want to get a pair in black or golden so I can actually style them better!

Thanks Gatta for such a beautiful pair!

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