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Gatta Art Tattoo 4 Tights

And it is finally hotting up again! We have had a few days of cold weather where I could not be in hosiery because it was stupidly freezing! I mean how delayed is summer?!

So out comes the nude sheers – it’s still not that warm but I miss being in hosiery and I’m going to brave it out! These will be interesting to do as I haven’t done a pair of tattoo tights that have a double pattern on the ankle and thigh, and look this cute!


My Outfit

Keeping it bare minimum to make the legs a statement piece today – I opted for ma black lace dress, simple pearly studs and my black strap court shoes.

I added my khaki duster jacket on top (just to keep me warm as I didn’t want to do a cardigan) which seemed to work well with it and left my hair undone.

I really didn’t have time to curl or straighten it so I left it as bedhead and just plodded through my day!

My Deets:

Lace Dress: H&M

Duster Jacket: Miss Selfridge

Shoes: Dorothy Perkins

Tights: via Gatta



The Review

Packaging: this time I am looking at a double image – one sketched in black and white and the other with colour and the tattoo design on the thigh. The back is as always, with blurb about the hosiery:

Tights for ladies, patterned, made of braided elastin type yarn, matt, without marked knickers’ part.


Getting Them On: this part was pretty funny this morning. I was trying to figure out which way to get them on at first as it doesn’t state. I had to look at the packaging in the end to find out and then giggled to myself later that I should have just looked at the bottom tattoo part and seen which way it faces on the outer leg! Please don’t say I’m the only one who does that?!

I used hosiery gloves with these as I cut my nails the night before and didn’t want to start ripping them as I pull them up my legs. They’re flat packed so they will be a scrunch and roll with ease if anything. I would make sure that you line up against the toes correctly and then roll up so you get the tattoos sitting in place rather than having to adjust later on.


The Feeling: is really soft and silky smooth. They’re a lovely shiny gloss which shines brightly when the sun hits it. Even in normal light, there is a slight shimmer on them, which makes these perfect for summer!


The Feathers: are such a lovely and cute touch. I haven’t seen a simplistic design like this before, where there is one on the ankle and one on the upper thigh. It makes it perfect to wear with shorts, skirts and mini dresses. They are a dark denier which are sewn onto the tights rather than printed on to make it look more darker and visible. I have tried some from Stop & Stare and they print theirs to make it look like you have a tattoo underneath your sheers. So this is an interesting concept!


Snagging: would be a problem with these as they are really light for a 20 denier pair. I haven’t snagged them but have been close to doing so! Although depending on your leg colour, you may be able to get away with it if it matches your skin tone. Either way I would try and be super careful if you can!


Holding Up: they stay on so well during the day. The waistband is just like the most of the hosiery I have reviewed recently; it’s just great! Comfortable, holds well and doesn’t loosen during the day.


Overall Thoughts?

Simply beautiful. I love the colour, love the tattoo concept and I love Gatta! They are certainly upping their game! I know I hardly criticize but honestly I haven’t come across any bad points with them (touch wood) and I hope to keep I that way! I hate having to mention them (even though it does need to be said) so keep it up Gatta! You’re winning my heart here!


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