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Gatta Ars Amandi Dione 01 Tights

So let’s bring on the sexy now seeing as it’s been a while since I’ve done it. Now before you scroll down… be warned and please don’t beg to remove the smileys (they’re staying put!)

So this outfit was inspired by a slight goth look I saw on a girl walking past work and I loved it, so I created my own little version with heels!

By the way, these are not on the official Gatta website, so I shall pop you the next best place to go for them!

The Spec

Colour: Nero / Black

Size: 1-2 / Xs-Small

Materials: 85% Polyamide / 15% Elastane

Price: £10.01

Website: eBay – Women’s Sexy Fishnet Black Tights, Lace Bikini Brief Pantyhose, Gatta Ars Amandi


My Outfit

So the outfit? Well it’s a dress that hasn’t been out in a while… It’s a massive collared one with a waistbelt teamed up with my nets and my peep toe sling back heels! I left hair hair down with this and bed-head too!

You can always add colour so it’s not too dark, but I wanted the whole effect!

My Deets

Dress: Bench

Shoes: Dorothy Perkins

Tights: Gatta



The Review

Seeing as Gatta couldn’t provide me with some info, eBay had to do:

  • Give a sexy, high impact look with these tights from Gatta
  • These tights feature a luxury lace bikini brief and a fishnet black leg
  • Offer a comfortable all day wear
  • Great for warmer weather or a sexy party look
  • A must have in every hosiery draw!
Size Height Feet Hips inch Height cm Hips cm
XS – S 4.8 – 5.5 33 – 44 145 – 168 85 – 111
M – L 5.5 – 6.2 33 – 49 168 – 188 85 – 126


The Packaging: has got to be the sexiest I have seen. It’s a small cardboard box which you open from the side and unwrap the tissue paper to get to your hosiery. I have never seen anything so beautiful as this before!


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It just screams sexy!

At the back, it gives you a little bit about them:

“Fun… is sometimes the beginning of love.

Ars Amandi – the art of love elation, sophisticated, slightly provocative, reveals the sensuality of the female body, engenders mutual desire and willingness to search new areas in the erotic map of the body dressed in sensual stockings, strip panty, fishnet stockings… Tempting sweet secret.”

– well they call it stockings when they are actually tights! I don’t like it when companies do that as it confused others and then everyone is calling them stockings when they actually aren’t!


Getting Them On: I found a little tricky but then once I worked it out, they were a doddle to put on. I used the scrunch and roll, but then I wish I never bothered after. These started falling right down me after a few minutes of walking around. I tugged them back up and there they go falling again!



The Waistband: which is hasn’t got – instead they are pants with 2 banded straps across your stomach. However there is no band at all, which means how the hell are these being held up? No wonder my tights keep falling down as there is nothing keeping them up and in place! So i spent my day at work pulling up my tights at every chance I got. The lowest they went to was mid-thigh, and thank God that I wore a long-ish dress to work to cover this little mishap!


As gorgeous as they look, they are certainly now practical in my eyes. If you’re teaming up with sexy lingerie in the bedroom, then you’re alright but day wear? No No NO!!


The Toes: I do actually like. As these are micro nets, they don’t have the smaller nets to cover the toes. Instead they are just seamed and they start on the toes. Even if pressure is applied to them, they are fine all day, and especially with long toenails!



On The Legs: these are fine, but it would be even better if they could hold up for 5 minutes without falling right down me! The denier and the stitching is great on these; they don’t snag or pull too easily which is a bonus.


Oh before I forget, let me show you the gusset area so you know what it’s like on that part. it’s not covered with that cotton patch; it’s pure lace from front to back!



My Thoughts?

As lovely and stunning as they look, they’re not for day wear unfortunately. I really wish I could say that I love them, but I really don’t and put off by the fact that they fall down so easily. I know you can probably do some hack to keep them up, but to me I would like my hosiery to stay up without having to use other materials to make them do that.

They’re a lovely pair but only if you’re wearing them for 5 minutes before you’re taking them off once again!

Sorry Gatta but this luxury range doesn’t cut it for me this time.

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