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Gatta Ars Amandi Astrea 01 Tights

Ah it’s such a fine morning to wear some hosiery with little hidden gems. I was deciding between a skirt and shirt, but then I decided to leave that and go with my t-shirt dress instead seeing as the sun wanted to grace us with its presence.

The Spec

Colour: Nero / Black

Size: 2 / Small

Materials: 91% Polyamide, 9% Elastane

Price: $25.00

Website: Gatta – Astrea 01 Sexy Tights


My Outfit

I went quite simple today looking back at my pictures; my t-shirt dress with my grey lace up booties and well.. that’s it! I left my hair down and just added studs. I would recommend a long necklace with this or maybe a statement piece if you’re into those. I was rushing around work a lot today so needed something light enough! I know that never should stop me, but when it’s a nice day, you want to be comfortable at least!

My Deets

Dress: Terranova

Shoes: New Look

Tights: Gatta



The Review

From The Website:

“Unique use of printing allowed Gatcie achieve spectacular effect in the form of decorative waist pantyhose model Astrea.

Scratched dark color contours form a wide belt extending in the middle of the buttocks – imitating thus the traditional, full briefs. In addition, printing technology is also used for drawing ribbons

Converging on the back of one point – just above the tail bone, which overshadows flirtatious bow.

The whole is made from high quality spandex yarn.

It adheres very well to the body providing a high wearing comfort.

At the same time perfectly placed on the leg. Softly falling, covering the skin a subtle haze.

Along with great design goes glamorous packaging.

Gatta proposed form of a book. The interior takes you on an extraordinary story of the art of lovemaking.”

– sexy tights
– waist trim part
– comfort
– Composition: 91% polyamide, 9% elastane


The Packaging: I have to admit is identical to the previous review I did (Gatta Ars Amandi Dione 01 Tights) in terms of packaging. It’s a small cardboard box which you open out to get to your hosiery. The front of the packaging shows the model wearing them, and the back goes into more detail:

“Fun… is sometimes the beginning of love.

Ars Amandi – the art of love elation, sophisticated, slightly provocative, reveals the sensuality of the female body, engenders mutual desire and willingness to search new areas in the erotic map of the body dressed in sensual stockings, strip panty, fishnet stockings… Tempting sweet secret.”

“Tights made of Lycra-type yarn braided, matte with a decorative panties.”



Getting Them On: I would advise to wear hosiery gloves with these. I noticed when I got them out the packaging how rough these felt. I suppose these are a matte finish, but they look like they’re snagged all over. So to be on the safe side, hosiery gloves need to be at the ready. I managed to get a few when rolling them up – AND THIS WAS WITH GLOVES ON TOO!



On The Legs: I do love the feel of these on, however I hate the whole snagging issue you get! I love a matte finish on hosiery; it gives your legs that classy look, but it can also be a right damn pain at times. Mine started right from the beginning, and all I can say is thank God that I didn’t encounter any more during the day otherwise I would have cried!

Apart from the quality, these fit really nicely and hug the legs well; they hardly move, so boydcons are more than welcome!



The Toes: nice and sheer. My nails didn’t attack them on this occasion, which is always a good thing. I find with peep toes that they can just poke right on through regardless if you have long nails or not! I can’t say these are reinforced as it doesn’t state anywhere on the packaging, but as long as you’re careful it’s all good! However I did manage to get more snags along my foot – great(!)



The Band: no complaints about the band on these. They are just like the normal Gatta band; comfortable, doesn’t dig in and holds up all day long! I do have to say these dropped slightly on me, and seeing as my bum was not covered with underwear (if you get my drift here), you may want to think about the underwear you choose to wear with this. It may just be me, who knows?!



Bum Fun: You won’t see the full thing on me, apart from a little taster of what it’s like when you’re wearing them. This is more for those who show off their assets, whether it be in the bedroom or elsewhere! I treated these as a normal pair during the day, but I can imagine these looking stunning as bedroom wear.


On the front you will find a simple imitation knicker/panty part which them works into that gorgeous design on the bum!


I think it’s a cute (and sexy) little addition to the hosiery so it’s not just plain and boring! Even if it is hidden, you know there’s a little surprise for anyone who is lucky enough to get a glimpse of them!



My Thoughts?

I absolutely love the design on these, however the quality is the issue for me with these. I hate hosiery that snags as soon as you touch it, so I was really disappointed to find it with these. It has everything else going for it, which is amazing, but if Gatta can produce these again with a better finish, then I will be sure to buy myself a few pairs!!


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  1. I’d love to see you rushing about my work with the lovely things you wear. I like the way they look on your legs, but look a bit fancy for my taste in the covered areas. Always interesting to read about the little challenges, like snagging, you ladies must deal with.