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Gatta Active Sports Bra

Yes babes – I am actually doing a bit of sportswear courtesy of Gatta! Since I am trying to get myself back to the gym after the little hiccups that I’ve had for the past few months, and what better way than going gym and being able to review at the same time?!


Anyways, so this is piece 1 of 2 – I have the leggings to do as part of this set, but seeing as I’m not rocking them just yet, I will save that for another day and show you the complete set!

The Spec

Colour: Black Melange

Size: Small

Materials: 60% Polyamide, 34% Polyester, 8% Elastane

Price: $20.00

Website: Gatta Active Sport Bra


The Review

I’m getting straight into this because I’m actually excited to do this review!

The Packaging: it comes in a small box; the front shows the model wearing it, with a thin flap which shows more info underneath (none in English by the way!). The back and side gives you a little more info about it:

“SPORT BRA: A bra for every type of sports activity. Made out of a high quality polyamide-polyester yarn, it excellently diverts sweat, giving a feeling of freshness and comfort. Lightly hardened cups with removable inserts provide support for the breasts during movement.”

– Wide shoulder straps

– Comfortable welt

– Inserts supporting the breasts

– Ergonomic shape

– Ideal fit

– Functional zones

– Flat seams

– Two-layer structure



Getting It On: so this is a pull-over-the-head. It will feel a little tight but you can do it with ease. I left the cups in mine (it looked good when I looked down!) The front is pretty simple with a low neck, and the back is racer with a cut-out design to make it look more fashionable too!



Comfortable? Hell yes! I find some sport bras to be quite tight and sometimes quite ugly looking. But this is just heaven. It fits so nicely at the front and the back too. This has got to be one of the best I have come across to date!



Movement: I am fully supported. These mangoes are not going anywhere anytime soon! The best thing (for women this is) is that they don’t move when you’re doing high intensity training or equivalent (running, jumping jacks, anything that makes your boobies jump up and down!)



Sweat: I have to say I actually sweated more wearing this than I do in a normal bra. Even though this is supposed to give you that ‘fresh’ feeling, I found that I sweated loads more and was actually dripping at one stage. I didn’t go harder (I don’t mean in a dirty way here LOL) than what I normally do at the gym, so I got to give this another go to see if it’s like that the 2nd time around.



The Welt: fits to me perfectly. It’s a very soft elastic, which just hugs you gently rather than something that squeezes you and shows the flab!! This doesn’t ride up or move at any point during your workout either so that’s another benefit when it comes to stretches!



My Thoughts?

I love. I just love. This is one of my favourites that I will be wearing to the gym more regularly now! I felt confident wearing it (only because of the padded cups LOL!)


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