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Gabriella Tonya Tights

So this blog is slightly different to the rest; I had my own personal photographer with me on this one wanting to take my pics! I started off solo (like I normally do) until they decided to pause the movie and then be a part of my review.

I know normally I would be in heels, but this was shot after a 2 hour drive down to London, and then tubing it across to King’s Cross as we were heading to Paris the next morning, so flats had to be the one to see me through the evening!

This pair was gifted via Amazon, but I am sure you may be able to get hold of them via other suppliers if Amazon doesn’t work for you.

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: 2 / Small

Denier: 20

Materials: 85% Polyamide, 15% Elastane

Price: £4.50

Website: Amazon – Thin 20 Denier Tights Tonya by Gabriella

My Outfit

I kept it light with my outfit today as I hate wearing heavy clothing when I have long journeys ahead of me; I wore my silky cami top tucked into my high waisted bodycon skirt and I added converses to keep it casual. It was my black court shoes during the day at work, but they were left there!

My Deets

Cami top: Cameo Rose

Skirt: H&M

Tights: Gabriella

The Review

From The Website: Exclusive, fancy, thin 20 Denier patterned tights, made of Lycra fibers. There is no panty. They have cotton gusset and flat seam. Tights are decorated with a subtle pattern around the ankle. Very soft and comfortable.

  • Decorated with subtle pattern around the ankle
  • Without marked panty
  • 85% Polyamide, 15% Elastane
  • We recommend hand washing
  • Tonya
  • With cotton gusset and flat seam
  • Thickness: 20 DEN
  • Before purchase please check the size chart



The Packaging: the front has the model wearing the pair with a small black outfit (as you do) to fully show off the hosiery, with the back delving into little more detail:

“Exclusive fancy tights manufactured with Lycra fibres, double-braided with polyamide. Without marked panties part, with cotton gusset, sewed with flat seam.”

When you get in, these are flat folded around cardboard. When getting these on, I had to slightly turn them from the top as I realised if I was to scrunch straight down, the ankle design wouldn’t sit on the outer ankle. so I started to slightly twist from the top and then scrunched down so the design is where I want it to be.

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On The Legs: Rolling these up the leg, just make sure that your design lines up, as you have to roll them back down and start again to move it. I had to do that a few times as there was no way I could slightly push them with my fingers on the legs!

Anyways, once they were on, I had no issues with them whatsoever. Throughout the day, they have been real good until I managed to snag them right near the design on my ankle!

The denier is 20, which works for an office setting role, and generally if you’re looking for a tad heavier leg coverage. It also helps the design to pop with it being at least 60-80 denier! One thing I do like is that these are a matt finish, which means they will make the legs look slightly slimmer (for me it’s a good thing!)

The fit and feel is pretty decent on these; they do feel slightly grainy but I have come across worse, so these aren’t that bad! The fit is great too; I didn’t have to tug up or push down the legs; they rolled on and fell into place and stayed settled throughout the day.

The design is on both sides of the ankles, so this is why I said try and line it up on each side (unless you’re really not bothered) to get a symmetrical look.

The quality of these are ok; nothing to really brag about to be honest, but they are great for a couple of wears only. I can’t see these lasting any more than 5 wears (and washes).


Now as I didn’t manage to get the rest of the images done like I normally do, I’m just gonna run through the points that I came across with these:

  • Toes & Ankles: so the toes were invisibly reinforced, which is great when you’re on the move constantly (and you have long nails that you haven’t had a chance to trim down). They had plenty of wiggle room to them, they didn’t have any extra material hanging off the sides and they were just great to me throughout the day. Around the ankles, these sit flush against the skin and don’t have any wrinkles or crinkles to them when you’re walking about.
  • Waistband & Gusset: the waistband is a good comfortable one; these stay up real well around the waist and have plenty of stretch to them as well. I have to admit, after eating these do start to dig in a little, but it’s nothing too uncomfortable. The gusset is a soft cotton one, neatly sewn into the hosiery too.



My Thoughts?

I think these are pretty great, but I don’t see these lasting a long time, so on that note I don’t think I would recommend them. They fit great, feel ok on the legs and look pretty, but I’m just not feeling the quality of them to be honest. They did the job for the day.


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