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Gabriella Selena Tights

I miss doing patterns with patterns – it can be hard to know what goes with what, but then again I find that’s all part of the fun. I used to do them so much when I was younger as I loved statement hosiery and I also loved bold patterns.

It isn’t for everyone as it can either work for you or against you (and there is certainly a fine line between them both) but it’s always fun experimenting! I paired mine today with a dress I hardly wear now – I used to live out of this for ages and then it got folded and tucked away for some time!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: Small

Denier: 20

Materials: 85% polyamide, 15% elastane

Price: £10.50

Website: Tights Store – Gabriella – Diamond pattern tights Selena, 20 den

My Outfit

Bringing this dress back to life by teaming up with some subtle statement tights and adding my black suede lace up heels. You can add a blazer or cardigan to this to smarten or tone it down – but as a base, this works so well!

My Deets

Bodycon Dress: Miss Selfridge

Tights: Gabriella

Shoes: Public Desire



The Review

The Packaging: the model wears the pair on the front so you get to see how they look before they’re on your legs. The back goes into little more detail about the pair. When you get in, you will find these flat folded and wrapped around plain card.


Getting Them On: as usual, I always take my time getting them over the toes and anklets before I really go for it gliding them up the legs.



On The Legs: once again using a mix of flash and natural lighting, you can see how much difference it makes. I found that these do have a slight shine to them, even though they look pretty matte in normal daylight.

The quality of these are so good; I haven’t had a single problem with them all day and they have lasted very well. I was on my feet all day (once again rushing around) and they were brilliant. I didn’t have to worry too much about them!

The fit of these are true to size, and you do get a nice bit of stretch in them as well so they hug the legs rather than feel tight all day. You also have room to tug these up or push down if needed too. The feel of them are super soft and real nice, and that shine is just a little bonus to them.

The design has got to be one of my favourites; it is so versatile I love it. It’s printed enough to look like polka dots from far, but close up you have that gorgeous light criss cross pattern which then turns them into a chic pair. You can easily team these up with any work wear for a fashionable look, or tone them down with some shorts or denim clothing to give you a little chic look.

I really do love them!


The Toes & Ankle: so the toes are lightly reinforced as you can see with that plain strip going across the front. These have plenty of wiggle room for the toes to move, and they hug the feet and ankles nicely without any signs of wrinkles.


The Waistband: another great feature here. This band is super comfortable and certainly does not roll over itself if you’re feeling a little podge from sitting down all day. They sit around the waist on me, and stay put all day too. It doesn’t feel too tight around the waist which is one thing I really do love; I like to feel that I haven’t got a waistband on me when I’m out and about. When you start to feel it, that’s when it starts to really bug me!

You also get that gorgeous design working right up to the band as well, so you can enjoy short skirts and dresses wearing these too!



My Thoughts?

If you can grab a pair, then please do! I really think these are amazing and I really do love that design on them. the fit is great and the quality you cannot fault!

3 thoughts on “Gabriella Selena Tights

  1. Stunning as always! You always match the outfit so well with your choice in tights! These tights look amazing on your legs with a beautiful pattern! Thank you so much for the great blog post! 💙💙

  2. With a tight dress, perfection …
    They subtly refine your legs …
    The shoes are beautiful and complete this composition.
    Very nice ideas