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Gabriella Lalita

I’m having one of them mornings where I don’t have enough time for anything (expect a cup of tea whilst I’m writing up this review for you all) ☕

I forgot that it wasn’t a working day as it’s bank holiday Monday! So there I am having to shave before I have laser treatment at 2.30pm and getting a review post up before I shoot off to it, so I do apologise that this review isn’t done with a complete outfit as such.

So here we have one of a kind tights that look like leggings but aren’t! I did have a similar pair that I sold which were made by Fiore however in my opinion, these ones beat them by a mile! They’re so playful!

I went with a evening out look this time rather than my normal work-wear.

I opted for my River Island batwing tunic top with these as I thought they went perfectly together. With pair of court shoes or peep toes, these would have been the icing on the cake! 

So let’s begin:

  • They came packaged well – wrapped around the cardboard and in a plastic casing too to keep them from getting damaged. Not many companies pack their tights like this which result in them either being snagged or damaged in the pack before you get the chance to wear them. 😁
  • They were easy to figure out where the back and front of them were thanks to the picture on the packaging.
  • Really nice to glide on and take off too – doesn’t catch or snag easily either so a bonus! 👏
  • I think these do have reinforced toes – it doesn’t really state on the pack apart from the pointy foot picture next to a bunch of symbols so I took that as they might be. I could be wrong!! 😲
  • I love the contrast that makes them look like leggings – the denier from the waist to the calves would be around 60-70 I would like to say with the bottom being around 15-20 denier. It does make the back design stand out a lot and give that gorgeous effect. The lace detail on the heel of the foot is just stunning 😍

These can be paired up with almost any footwear – mainly ones that doesn’t sit above the ankle just to show off the design at the back. Trainers and open sandals would look gorgeous with these depending on the look you are going for. Court shoes would definitely smarten these up instantly and work boots cam be done too to add that touch of roughness!

Honestly I don’t really have anything bad to say about these. I haven’t come across any points that needed to be noted, but if I do wear them again and do find something, then I will update this blog to reflect that.


8 thoughts on “Gabriella Lalita

  1. Hi Soni,this review is amazing,very nice pictures of your beautiful nyloned soles in these tights👌🏻
    Thank you!

    Greetz Andre😘