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Gabriella Irma Tights

The thought running through my head with these pair:-


I got gifted these by a follower who has gifted a lot recently and I still have a ton of reviews to do for them! So I thought I would make a start and bash on through!

Now I know I am late writing this review as I ended up having a manic day yesterday out sorting wedding stuff with mum and my friend had a baby girl so spent some time with her, leaving me to write my review this morning instead! So I do apologise this wasn’t done in time for you all!

So let’s get cracking:

  • Packaged well – wrapped around the cardboard.
  • They’re super soft and so easy to glide on. I thought with the anklets the type of material they are, they would catch but they didn’t at all. I didn’t need to be careful getting these up.
  • I love the 40 denier with this design – it makes the design so much more effective especially in sunlight! A very nice contrast which you can team a lot of outfits and footwear up with.
  • I went with a long sleeve top, these babies and my Nike Dunks – a dark casual look but effective enough to show the tights off.
  • A pair of boots or stilettos would go with this fantastically with a short dress or mini skirt! But it all depends on your mood and if you’re comfortable with darker deniers – I know a lot if people aren’t!

There’s a few blah point to go with this:

  • You do need go check which way they go on – I once again got them on the wrong way and had to change over!
  • They can snag very easily due to the material – it’s not a smooth sheer but it feels more like a cotton texture so just be careful where your legs go 😉

Would I recommend? Yep I would! They’re cheap, easy to pair up with outfits and hhve a different look to most tights out there. If you’re experimental, I would say go for these!


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