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Gabriella Celia Tights

Now onto a finer netted pair with adorable designs. I have so many other Gabriella pairs that I need to get through after buying over 20 pairs! This one I wanted to do a full work outfit, but then I thought let’s make it a little more casual just so I can show you the whole design in an outfit.

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: 2 / Small

Denier: 20

Materials: 85% Polyamide, 15% Elastane

Price: £5.49 / Sale £1.37

Website: Pour Moi – Gabriella Celia Fashion 20 Den Lycra – Black

My Outfit

Keeping it super basic with my outfit today – I wore my long black tunic paired with my suede mules. This is to show off the full design really rather than keeping the top band hidden.

My Deets

Top: New Look

Tights: Gabriella

Mules: River Island



The Review

From The Website: Gabriella Celia is elegant tights 20 den. The pattern imitating the original and at the same time subtle stockings with floral lace and dots will be perfect complement to your styling. Flat seam, cotton gusset and reinforced toe provide durability and comfort while wearing.


The Packaging: the front shows the model wearing the hosiery along with the brand and model name. The back goes into a little more detail (this is quite standardised to be honest). When you get in. you will find these flat folded around a piece of plain card.


Getting Them On: now as these are a super fine net, you really will need to take care getting them on. I wore my hosiery gloves just to be safe to ensure I don’t start creating snags as I wiggle them up the legs!

They were fine going over anklets and rolling up the legs too 🙂



On The Legs: so using a mix of natural light and flash, I managed to see 2 different looks in 1 pair! I had a darker leg with natural lighting, but a lovely semi-shine when the flash was on!

The quality of these are ok – but you really do have to take care wearing these as they snag SO EASILY! As soon as I got them on and went out the door, I saw I already had snagged these and then a few more appeared throughout the day! So in terms of longevity, I don’t see these lasting as well as I had imagined.

The design is one of my favourites though; you have a lovely mix of small polka dots scattered from the toes to the mid thigh, and then have this gorgeous floral welt-looking band across the thigh which then becomes all sheer (no designs) upwards to the band. These would look amazing paired with shorts, mini skirts or even longer items of clothing if you wish to keep the band hidden away. I normally would, but this time I felt like showing it off for an extra little pop on the outfit.

The fit of these are true to size, but if you’re unsure please check the sizing guide. It wouldn’t do you much harm if you went one size up either as these aren’t as stretchy as you think they would be so you wouldn’t end up with a pile of wrinkles around the ankles. The feel of them are grainy but soft; I won’t say rough as they are still soft to touch, but it’s certainly grainy-like. I suppose this is why they can catch and snag super easy!


The Toes & Ankle: are my favourite, especially when the words reinforced is used! These are slightly visible near the toe are if you look closely you can see a change in colour. Around the toes, there is plenty of wiggle room and no extra material hanging around at the sides.

The ankles have a lovely smooth fitted finish to them too.


The Waistband & Gusset: so the band is great and has kept these up all day without an issues. It has a great amount of elasticity in them, so you don’t have to worry about that getting lost throughout the day (it may slightly with more wear).

These sit around the waist on me, and have stayed there all day. The gusset as you can see doesn’t have a cotton patch to it, as it’s more of a reinforced area than anything.



My Thoughts?

Overall I love the design and think they look amazeballs, but the quality really did let me down. I made sure I took extra care not to bump into things, and yet I still ended up with a whole leg full of snags, so in my eyes I can’t see these lasting long!

2 thoughts on “Gabriella Celia Tights

  1. Hello Soni,

    Did like your todays review very much,your hq pictures of your gorgeous legs and delicious feet in these tights are stunning,thank you very much and have a nice day Goddess👣

    Greetz Andre😘