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Gabriella Bacara 01 Tights

Oh am I excited to write about these?! I got to say that I was a little hesitant when I bought them as I wasn’t too sure what they would look like on my legs (the model always makes them look good) – but I am so glad I gave it a shot!

It’s been some time since I have been in Gabriella, and I have missed it! If you haven’t read my previous before, then click the links below:

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The Spec

Colour: Nero / Black

Size: 2 / Small

Materials: 85% polyamide, 15% elastane

Denier: 20

Price: £6.50

Website: eBay – Gabriella Bacara 01 Tights – 475 – Black – 20 Denier


My Outfit

I got a new dress (once again) that I wanted to pair up with these. I thought I could easily go black on black but I decided against and my creative side came out. I paired up with small silver studs and added grey block heeled shoes into the mix to jazz it up!

Had my hair up to make it a little more office-like rather than down.

My Deets

Dress: Unbranded

Tights: Gabriella

Shoes: Carvela


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The Review

The Packaging: so got to say you got a lot going on at the front; the model at the side along with info dotted around on the right, and then at the back most of it is filled up with info in various languages about the hosiery:

“Exclusive fancy tights manufactured from Lycra fibres double braided with polyamide. Without marked panties part, with cotton gusset, sewed with flat seam.”



Getting Them On & On The Legs: there is no right or wrong way to get these on, just do as you please here – just make sure you’re using the right technique to get them on! Once I got mine on, I had to adjust just slightly to make sure that they sat right and wasn’t twisting itself up my legs.

On the legs, these are great! They snug so well and hardly move. They’re so nice and smooth and are actually a decent quality. Why do I say this? Because they hardly snagged all day; I managed to get one in it right before I started shooting because I caught the side of a box! Otherwise these are just amazing!


Excuse that crap image above – my camera was playing up a little here!!!!


The Toes: not only are they reinforced, they are sheeerrrrrr!!! I love the fact that pee toes were on because of this, and perfect when you want your colours to shine right on through! This denier is just perfect I swear!

Anyways, so they have plenty of wiggle room and even wearing peeps, you don’t feel any pressure on the toes at all. The only thing that did bug me was that strip going across the bottom of the toes; this makes it difficult to wear with open sandals … But hey I suppose it had to be done!



The Band: slimline and comfortable on the waist. Mine sat just above the belly button, and stayed there all day (even when sitting down for hours on end!). I love that these are sheer right from the toes to the band – it means short shorts and mini skirts can be worn with these without having to worry about the cut-off point or when the design decides to finish half way!



The Design: I absolutely love! It’s just simply elegant and just enough to dress up or down! I wore mine and made it statement today, but dear God! I love them! I didn’t expect them to look this good on – HONESTLY speaking there! I love the whole criss cross design with the addition of diamonds where it meets. It just completely transforms your look!

This means that it can be worn with casual outfits to glam them slightly or with formal and just keep that ‘extra-ness’ going!


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My Thoughts?

I love them! I really do! I seem to be having a real good run with my hosiery lately, and I am so happy about that! I hate having to write ‘bad’ reviews (even though they got to be done!), but these are certainly a winner!

Simple statement – and effective enough!


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