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Gabriella Art Lodz Student Cacti Tights

And we are in the Gabriella Lodz Student Tights once again, as I am loving their quirky designs. It’s something totally different, and well … That is where I come in!

So if you didn’t see my previous review of the ‘eyes’m then hit the link below:

Gabriella ASP LODZ Student ‘Eyes’ Tights

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: Small

Denier: 20

Materials:  85% polyamide, 15% elastane

Price: £5.69

Website: eBay – Cacti Fun Modern Design Black Sheer Tights New Spring Collection By Gabriella

My Outfit

Once again I had meeting after meetings, so I had to dress pretty smart casual, but then I thought let’s add playful tights with them to cuten up the outfit a little! I wore my white t-shirt tucked into my suede pencil skirt and added black wrap court shoes.

My Deets

T-Shirt: Dorothy Perkins

Skirt: Primark

Tights: Gabriella

Shoes: off Amazon



The Review

From The Website: Gorgeous Fun Cactus design on ankle. These are lovely sheer tights which are part of the new spring collection from Gabriella will let your inner child and cactus geek out. These tights are also highwasted and the fabric hugs your body, letting any woman feel sexy.


The Packaging: the front of the packaging is once again monochrome with the design highlighted. Moving onto the back, these have the sizing guide, hosiery care and the following stated:

“Exclusive fancy tights manufactured from Lycra fibres double braided with polyamide. Without marked panties part, with cotton gusset, sewed with flat seam.”

Once you get into the packaging, you can see them flat packed ready to roll on.

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Getting Them On: using silky hosiery gloves, I managed to get these to sit where I wanted them to on my ankle and up the legs they go. These were fine going over anklets, but I will mention that you do need to be careful as they did feel quite rough to touch – which means snags could occur.


On The Legs: they have been interesting…

The denier is great for simple leg coverage to make the design on the ankle stand out. I think 20 works quite nicely to be honest; going lighter in denier would be pretty cool but I doubt the design would have the same effect.

The fit of them are great; no complaints about any gapping on the legs or the hosiery falling down. The feel of them are so soft and smooth on the legs; a real nice finish on these for sure!

The quality however was a little disappointing this time as they managed to snag very easily. After I got to work, I saw that one occurred (it must have been in the car) and then another popped up later in the day. I’m not really impressed with these!

The design is super cute; it’s only on one side of the leg (right hand side) and if I didn’t wear lace-up shoes, you could have seen the design a lot better. It was something super quirky and cute, and certainly one to wear with a pair of shorts.


The Toes & Ankle: so not too sure if these are reinforced but I am hoping that they are! As you can see they are fully sheer around the feet and toes, working up to the ankle design.

These have plenty of wiggle room in them, so you’re cool if you’re gonna be in heels all day 🙂

Around the ankles, these fit real nice and throughout the day, there is no sign of wrinkles 🙂


The Waistband: a great band here! These sit around belly button level on me, they hold up so well throughout the day and have plenty of stretch in them too! Pretty much everything I look for rolled up in these!

Now the only downside is that these snag super easy. The label inside my skirt decided to do some damage to them throughout the day, which I was not impressed with when I needed to take my pictures!!


The Shoes: now as these shoes are brand new and the link to purchase is no longer available, I thought I might a small piece about them on this blog as it’s the first time I am in them 🙂

So they came in a half broken dented shoe box (great start!!), and once you get in, you find these individually wrapped in their mesh pouches to protect the suede on them.

As you can see, these are a mid-heel which means they won’t be super high or anything, so you are able to spend most of the day in them without any issues.

One thing I do like about them is that they just about cover the toes, so you get a small amount of toe cleavage to them and then it’s all open at the top.

The lace-up part just adds to it to be honest; they help to emphasise the legs a little better.



My Thoughts?

I’m not too sure I would recommend these tights due to the quality not being that great compared to the last pair I did. I do like the cute design and how they are like on the legs, but if they can snag that easy, it’s not great!