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Gabriella Art Collection ‘Sally’ Tights

Seeing as a lot of you liked the hoodie and hosiery combo, I decided to rock another outfit like this but add in some trainers this time. As you all know, I like to switch up my style from time to time as I have many followers who dress differently and not always smart casual like I do.

Anyways this pair I got off eBay a while back, however I know they have limited stock now!

The Spec

Colour: Beige

Size: 2 – Small

Denier: 20

Materials: 85% Polyamide, 15% Elastane

Price: £5.00

Website: Private Seller

My Outfit

I decided to throw on some colour today and make it a statement one. I wore a yellow hoodie paired with my nude tights with colour detail and added my trainers to finish off the look. I also have a flat white pair which could have also worked with the outfit too.

My Deets

Hoodie: Borrowed

Tights: Gabriella

Trainers: Forever21

The Review

From The Website: Sally smooth tights with delicate dots.
On one leg, dots are placed under the knee, on the other on the calf.
Made of high-quality double braided with black polyamide silk.
Extremely soft and pleasant to the touch.
Very comfortable model without a separate panty section, with a cotton gusset.
Sewn with a flat seam.
Thickness: 20 denier

The Packaging

Getting Them On: I did my scrunch and roll up the legs, wondering where the dots will be sitting. I didn’t have an exact placement for them, so I just let the tights figure out where they would like to sit and I rolled with that. You can also wear these the opposite way – there is no right or wrong way to put these on 🙂

These wee also fine going over anklets too.

On The Legs: I have to say I wasn’t too sure of the nude colour on my legs as they made them look a little pasty rather than a tan shade, but never mind. I would have preferred if they were a slight tan shade, that way it would suit my skin tone a little more.

However I am totally digging the coloured polka dot design. This is something totally unique and nothing I have ever seen before. I love how you have the ability to match up any colour you like, as it will easily work with your tights!

The quality of these are great; they feel great on the legs, they don’t snag easily or rip and they fit very well. There is plenty of stretch for my size too.

The fit is true to size, so make sure you check out the brand’s sizing guide before purchasing. These really hugged the legs well. The feel of them are super soft and really smooth on the legs. They don’t irritate the legs either, and the best part is you can add a shiny pair underneath to really enhance them.

The Toes & Ankle: these come with invisible reinforced toes, so you won’t get that slightly darker sheer band going across the toes. This makes it easier to pair up with open toe shoes or sandals. I had plenty of wiggle room for my toes, and thee fit was great.

Around the feet and ankles, there were no wrinkles; it was a smooth fitted finish.

The Waistband & Gusset: as you can see below, the band is a standard thickness band. This holds up really well around the waist, and does not roll down on itself whilst you’re moving in them. They sit flush against the skin, with no worries of it slipping down.

The waistband itself is super comfortable and has enough stretch to it so it doesn’t squeeze me.

The gusset is a small cotton patch, which sit flush against the skin.

My Thoughts?

I really like how funky this pair is, even though it is probably not the best time of year to pull them out. The quality is great, they are a lovely pair which last well and they have a great band to them as well! I would recommend these.

Photo Credit: Jitsgram

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