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Frankfurt de Luxe Seamless Nylon Micromesh Stockings

Micromesh is clearly taking over my blog slowly with the amount of stockings I have done in this material. This is other gifted pair for a review, where I have hardly any info about them. I wish I could actually get hold of the story behind the brand or see more styles… Never mind hey…

The Spec

Colour: Poppy

Size: 8.5

Denier: 20

Materials: 100% Nylon

Price & Website: Unknown

My Outfit

Pulling out the florals today with this lovely pair of stockings. I wore my bodycon dress paired with white court shoes to finish off the vintage-like look. You can always change to coloured court shoes or sandals.

My Deets

Dress: H&M

Stockings: Frankfurt De Luxe

Heels: Jenn Ardor




The Review

The Packaging: I love the retro packaging to this pair, even though it doesn’t show any model wearing the stockings anywhere. When you flip over, you see them through the plastic packaging along with the colour, size and style.

When you get in, you find them flat folded wrapped neatly around card. They also have foot and leg shaping to them as well.


Getting Them On: well this was fun… As they are 1.0 smaller than what I normally am (usually between 9 and 9.5) these were super tight on the legs. I was fine standing to get them on and setting them in place.

When I sat down …




On The Legs: so let me start off with the colour. I saw it and thought this wouldn’t suit me, however when I rolled them up the legs, I found they suited me quite well. They added a tinge of colour which worked quite well. I wanted to show you what they are like with natural lighting and with flash on, so you can see how they slightly change in colour. I also did a leg comparison a little further down too.

The quality of these would have been stunning if it was my size, but as I was wearing a size smaller.. OH MY GOD. I had rips, tears and ladders all over the legs. I didn’t realise how much I destroyed this pair! I feel so bad that I managed to do this with a pair and that was not long after I got them on the legs! I had to change my outfit in the end as I couldn’t be in these for the rest of the day.

The fit was too snug for my liking; you can tell as my thighs bulge at the top of the welt and the rips says it all over the legs. I’m sure they would have been great if they were my size.

The feel of them were grainy as they are mesh, but they were still quite soft. They weren’t a pair that would irritate the skin unless you are sensitive, which is a good thing if you’re spending all day in them.

I cannot believe I destroyed this pair!


The Toes & Ankle: so these have small reinforced toes on the front, and then leads into a whole reinforced triangle under the foot. I thought it looked pretty nifty! I have to say my wiggle room was very little in these, as they are quite small. I did struggle at first but then I got used to it after. It wasn’t comfortable let me just add; I just ignored it and carried on with my day.

Around the feet and ankles, it’s a proper fitted finish with no wrinkles. Once again it was because I have tugged these up a lot on the legs 🙂



The Bands: the only good part was the welts on the stockings! They did not give me any trouble whatsoever. They sat around mid-thigh on me, and they stayed put the whole time it was ripping on my legs.

The bands are quite thin in comparison to other stockings I have done recently, and that made a nice change too. Although I do feel it could have done with thicker bands so it gives extra material on the legs!

My clasps clipped on well and did not budge once they were on too.

Now I did find that the rip was heading to the welt, and I had to stop it by putting hairspray straight on it. It did help, but I would liked to have seen if it actually would have laddered in the welt!



My Thoughts?

I’m sure these would have been a great pair if they were my size, but omg I really did ruin these!