Forever 21 Burgandy Tights

Okay so new brand is making its way onto my blog; Forever 21. I have always shopped there and I love their clothing, but I have never tried out their hosiery. So as I was there doing a nice little shop, I came across these and thought they would look amazing to do a review on them.

If you don’t know much about Forever 21, then do hit their website (they are awesome!)

The Spec

Colour: Burgandy

Size: S/M

Denier: 50

Price: £5.00


My Outfit

So I decided to get my new glitter boots out and add some colour into my life. I wore my baggy oversized jumper paired with the tights and added my new Dr Martens into the mix. I added a waist belt to give a little shape – but I normally wear it just baggy!

My Deets

Jumper: Pull & Bear

Tights: Forever 21

Boots: Dr Martens

Belt: unknown



The Review

The Packaging: so very basic, but attracting enough. It shows the hosiery at the front through a large window, with the back going into detail I have no clue about and it’s that relevant!

As you get in, you will need to peel the strip at the top and open to get inside. You will find the card inside one of the legs, but isn’t too much of an issue as the card is soft and won’t pull on the tights.

Another little finding is that these will need turning inside out – you will know this by the bottom right picture as the seam is sitting inside out so it won’t look right if you leave it like that and the reinforcement is taken away.


Getting Them On: taking care over anklets so they don’t catch, these went on perfectly fine. I had no issues with them going up the legs and setting them into place.

Not much to say here really!


On The Legs: so on the legs, these look amazing, and even more amazing if you choose to layer up. I left mine completely bare underneath as this was about the pair I’m wearing, and I wanted to show you all before I wear them again and layer.

The denier is pretty thick to make these bold and stand out, which I really like. The quality of them are great too; I can’t complain here as I managed to catch them a few times and not damaged them in any way.

The fit of them are true to size; being a S/M (and me a size small) you have a lot more elasticity in them so they sat real nice on the lower leg and stretched out on the thighs so you see a difference in the hole sizes.

The feel of them are soft and smooth; not rough as you might think being made in China and all that. I don’t have anything against it but I used to get pairs before and they could be so horrible and rough on the legs, making you itch all day long!

The colour is just amazing for Autumn/Winter which I really like, and black paired underneath these would look stunning.


The Toes & Ankle: so the toes I had a slight issue with as the seam started moving underneath the foot rather than sitting on top of the toes like it normally would. This made it uncomfortable during the day, and no amount of pinching into place will help that either.

Around the ankles, there were no signs of wrinkles forming which is great 🙂


The Waistband & Gusset: now the band was good to begin with until I started walking around. This started to fall down, which meant the gusset (and lack of) was sitting away from me and rolling down the thighs near enough ALL DAY LONG! I was so miffed by the end of the day as it wouldn’t stop and I had nothing rubber bands to tie the band tighter on me either.

The band itself is slim, but as it’s a S/M fit, it’s not as huggable as you would like it to be on the waist. It just kept slipping all day and drove me mad!



My Thoughts?

I love everything about these apart from the waistband which caused me so much hassle during the day. It’s one of those that you would wear to a party where you’re sitting down the whole time. I love the colour and the design of them as they really stand out of the crowd, but the band like that makes it impossible to move around in without it slipping down every 5 minutes.

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