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Fogal Opaque 30 in Cyclame

Let me start off by saying this – I AM IN COLLABORATION WITH LUXURY LEGS! It is such an honour to be working with them, especially as they sell so many of my favourite brands at such great prices! If you’re after glamorous, extravagant hosiery, then this is the site that you need to be on. All my brands like Wolford, Trasparenze, Max Mara, Falke, Oroblu and even Girardi can be found here.

 There’s more… to get yourself 10% off, all you have to do is enter SONI10 at the checkout! I mean how amazing can this get!? 

So the pair I am reviewing is the Fogal Opaque 30 Denier Tights in the colour Cyclame. I seriously have pink fever at the moment; but these are a step up from what I have previously reviewed. Not only are they a gorgeous hot pink, but they’re not as sheer as what I have been wearing which makes it all the more interesting. And the outfit I have chosen to pair with these will just make them out of this world.

All I have heard is how ‘bright and colourful’ I look – they aren’t wrong there. I thought instead of dressing all dark and gloomy like the weather; let’s dress positive to get the sun out! So far it’s working!!!


My Outfit 

Now get ready for it as it’s something I thought I would never do – colour blocking!  I decided to step out of my comfort zone and get myself noticed; orange bodytop with a blue wiggle lace skirt and to finish it off, my orange and pink perspex heels! Ahhhhhh I am in love with this look! I even kept the jewellery to a minimum to mainly keep the eyes on the outfit, but then opted for a pink lip to bring it all together!

Now your hair is what will make this outfit – I kept it straight to give it more of a work look, whereas curls would make it more of a shopping trip into town! Hair up would turn it professional and a side bun or plait would give it that cute girl attitude. There are so many ways you can play with this and that’s the fun thing about colour blocking!

My Deets:

Top: New Look

Skirt: Select Fashion

Tights: Via Luxury Legs

Lipstick: Estee Lauder

Shoes: Gifted via Amazon

The Review 

Now seeing as I have reviewed Fogal before (Fogal Caresse 20 Deniers), I am going all out for you now being the first time I am reviewing for Luxury Legs! Now I don’t know if many of you have used this website before, but I must add here that they are proficient from when you place the order to when they’re on your legs. Once you’ve ordered, not only is it quick delivery but when they arrive (and this is each and every time I have ordered), they wrap the hosiery in a gorgeous bespoke black mesh bag to make it seem like you’ve just spent £100s when you could have spent £20.00 on a pair.


The Packaging: One thing you will notice with Fogal is how very simple their look is, but it’s not a bad thing at all. It states everything you need to know about the hosiery at the back with peep holes at the top and then another oval at the back. It’s simple, clean, and concise and I can’t wait to get into them!

Let me just add in the lowdown from the website for you here, so you know what I’m going to be working with throughout this review:

 “One of Fogal’s best-selling products available in a wide variety of amazing colours. Semi-opaque mat appearance and made from a very soft 3D microfibre yarn which is extremely comfortable to wear due to its elasticity. Finished with a sewn on waistband and a cotton gusset this is a true classic. 

 – Unique wide variety of colours 

– Velvety soft feel 

– Refined, mat appearance 

– Comfortable flat seams 

– Invisible heel 

– Cotton gusset 

90% Nylon, 10% Spandex” 



Getting Into Them: they are just uber gorgeous! One thing I do love about these is that they are very subtly shaped to the legs. They’re not the major outline like you get one some pairs, but it is still good enough for me seeing as they are 30 denier!


They’re so soft to touch and they glide on like a dream. I would be weary of sharp anklets against these, as you don’t want them snagging just before you actually get to experience luxury! I did the scrunch and roll on one leg and then I pulled up on the other to see if I might find a difference on how they go on and I have to say, there wasn’t any. They hug the legs really well from the toes right up to the waistband. I think the only thing that might be a con with the pull up is if you have creamed your legs prior to putting your hosiery on; it will make it slightly harder.

Reinforcements: are a double whammy here! They have got HEELS as well as toes on these, which I am dead impressed with. Normally you get reinforced heels when it’s Cuban or Vintage stockings, but I’m absolutely loving these right now!


The Waist: has a gorgeous band to sit on them. I mean you’re talking high end quality here. Not only does it have ‘fogal’ going across the band (perfect if you like showing the band off) but it sits beautifully on the whole day. They’re not too tight or too loose, but sit comfortably and it doesn’t even feel like you’re wearing anything! They don’t lose any elasticity during the day either, no matter how much you pull them up and down – WINNER! For me, this is just getting better and better!


The Look, Feel & Colour: is something that I absolutely love right now. I know I keep doing pinks at the moment (it seems to be my favourite colour at the mo) but this pink is out of this world. It’s so rich and intense in colour and it makes anything you wear a statement piece. My outfit was very out there I must say, but adding the pink just took it to a whole other level.

The feel of them is something that only my face can express as I don’t think there are words to describe this feeling. They are not only smooth, but really soft as well. I love the fact that these have a slight matte finish on them rather than a sheen; it makes it more vibrant and bold in my eyes.

Now my legs – I don’t normally wear opaques a lot, but when I do I cherish being in them, especially when they make my legs look this damn good. They give a lovely silhouette look which just oozes sexiness and instantly made me feel more confident in them. I am experimenting more with colours I must say, but I am so glad I had this as my first opaque vibrant colour!


The best part about these is even with the flash off the colour still looks amazing. I did a little test to see if it became more see-through if the flash was on compared to when it’s off and there is hardly a difference! If anything, you get to see the quality of them here!


 Overall Thoughts? 

Well I am hoping that you can tell how I feel about these with the amount I have written about them. I absolutely love them!! I think they are certainly a pair you need in your collection – soft, smooth, opaque and your legs feel like a dream! I’m so glad I didn’t settle for a black in these (even though I will be getting myself a pair in black now!) and went for vibrant colours just to show you that it is really easy to work with and actually a lot better than some qualities you get out there. Definitely an investment piece!


Thank you Luxury Legs for the opportunity to review these for you!  *kisses*

3 thoughts on “Fogal Opaque 30 in Cyclame

  1. I keep reading through your wonderful blogs and love them. Now getting to these tights love the color have many colored one’s myself and love wearing them. Got pinks, blues, yellows, reds, purples etc colored tights are great to wear and if you want to change the look can always put fishnets or fence net over them for a different fashion look.