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Fogal Caresse 20 Deniers

Right I have a double review to be getting on with today seeing as I didn’t have time to do one on my Fogal tights yesterday!

I got these a while back and thought I need to get cracking before I start on the ones that my followers have gifted me and I actually got them for cheap too – brand new in the package on eBay for £5.00 instead of the £23.00 they were originally retailed at! WOOP! So if you want a pair, make sure you scout around to get yourself a bargain.


My Outfit Yesterday

I went with my floral granny dress (as I call it) with these as I love doing light black deniers to make it a tad formal for work. However my shoes were the main dilemma – I wanted to wear my new grey peep toe boots that I bought (and posted a pic on Instagram of) but I thought it would be too much and I wasn’t feeling confident to wear them just yet. So I settle for my stone wedge boots instead to keep it slightly more casual.

I didn’t want to black on black as I normally do and plus the sun was out so I wanted to go more on the light floral vibe *smiley face*


So let me share my thoughts on them:

  • Packaging – now this is the first time I have added a pair of Fogals to my collection, so I was truly intrigued as to how they came. Very simple and minimalistic on the front but it did go into details about the tights at the back. It also showed the denier at the back through a window so you can see what colour you are getting.
  • I absolutely love the waistband on these – it felt so nice on and stayed in place the whole day without budging. And yep I even took a pic of them just to show you (so excuse my belly!)
  • I like how they were subtlety shaped to your legs so you knew which way to get them on.
  • They were also sheer from toe to waist so anything short won’t be a problem in these.
  • The AMAZING bonus part is – not only do they have reinforced toes, they have REINFORCED HEELS! How awesome is that – never had a pair of tights that actually do reinforced heels too!
  • They are a lovely feel and look – matt finish with such a soft touch to them. I do have to say they are kinda dark for a 20 denier, although I suppose the material would be different compared to most that I have.
  • It hardly snags either – especially being a 20 denier I thought it would but the amount of times my tights brushed by sharp objects, I didn’t get anything!! NICE!!
  • I love how they cling onto your legs and stay like that the whole day too – I didn’t have a problem with gaps under the knees or near the ankles.
  • Rolling them on and off isn’t an issue with anklets either – it was smoothly done.

The only bad thing I have to say is that when you do pull them up and pinch them so they aren’t stretched too much in one place, you can see streaky lines on them (you will be able to see this on one of the pictures below). That really did ruin it for me as when you look down they are pretty visible. I did roll them off and back on again to see if that helped – but it didn’t at all. So that is something to look out for.

I am not too sure if it’s worth buying the next size up to avoid this, although it won’t fit how it’s supposed to – tricky little issue here!


Would I recommend? Erm well… because of the streaks I don’t think that I would. I mean they ae pretty expensive (even though I got it cheap) but if you pay the actual RRP and find that, I certainly wouldn’t be impressed at all. I would expect decent quality tights. I do love them – the way they looked, the way they felt.. But I don’t think I would pay for something that you could get cheaper and it would still look amazing. My alternative would be the Calzedonia 30 denier tights that I did a review on


My Deets:

Floral Dress: New Look

Tights: via eBay

Stone Wedge Boots: New Look


4 thoughts on “Fogal Caresse 20 Deniers

  1. Mmm mixed review and if I remember rightly I had the same problem with fogal. (Can’t remember which style they were though)
    Shame as they have such a good rep normally 😘