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Fishnet Fridays

Well it has been a while since I have been in nets and I am loving it right now. I have to admit it is freezing where I am today (to the point it has been iced over) but that doesn’t stop me!

Anyways so as I mentioned on my Instagram post – I have layered for the first time to work! I decided to give it a go and see what the fuss is all about. And I am so glad that I went for it! I am warm as anything in them!


My Outfit

So you can see that it’s quite a dark outfit for a Friday, but I wanted to go edgey today and what better way than a maxi split dress along with some nets and spikes hey? Perfection in my eyes!

I kept my hair back and a small quiffy thing at the front along with a choker necklace just to finish it off. Hair down could have worked but would have make it more sultry than a dominating woman!

My Deets:

Shirt Dress: off eBay

Tights: Pretty Polly Fishnet & CDR Nude Sheers

Shoes: off eBay


So I won’t be doing a full on review but more about how I am getting on with layering and what it’s actually like!!

I have been asked so many times by various followers if I can layer and I thought to myself well I don’t want to do a full bare leg of nude tights, so let me add something to it. I took me a while to figure out what I wanted to team up with them – and I thought fishnets would be perfect. It still looks like bare leg – but warmer!!

I was reluctant all this time to try it out – because I just thought ‘oh my god why would you layer and ruin a pair of tights like that?’ but after doing it, I can understand the fascination. It just adds to it and enhances! I will need to try layering again, but maybe colours and patterns and see how that turns out.

So thank you to everyone who ever suggested it to me to try it – it’s amazing!!!

Now enjoy….


4 thoughts on “Fishnet Fridays

  1. Wow!
    That just so works.
    Loving the fact the delicious shine still comes through from the nudes when the light hits your legs.
    So looking forward to more layering.