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Fiore Veronica

So this week I’ve been busy going through my stash of gifts that my followers have sent. Usually on the weekend I tend to do two different outfits with each pair however this week I’ve gone with one outfit with one pair as once again it’s a manic weekend!!

So here we have an interesting pair of metallic tights with a 20 denier sheer! Now instant thought would be ‘night out’ and that’s what I went with. I would rather do metallics at night or at a Summer evening party.

First reaction – oooo they’re so smooth (to be fair I thought they would have been quite prickly or quite rough on the legs) but they actually went. They’re so smooth against the skin (might be slightly rough if you have a stubble going on) and have this gorgeous shimmer.

So let’s just give you the run down of the good:

  • I like the fact that they are as long as my leg – that means you don’t have to stretch it up your leg and it just sits nicely.
  • I think the 20 den is perfect for these – it still looks classy and not like you’re mutton dressed as lamb. You do get some that should not be worn depending on your age but these would be perfect for any woman as partywear.
  • These can be paired with almost any colour – a bright colour would make them pop even more but as I was going for a night out look I kept it simple with black.
  • They’re reinforced – you definitely cannot tell (I knew as I had read the back of the pack!)
  • They’re sheer from toe to waist so mini skirts and short shorts can be done with these.
  • They’re packed really well – wrapped around the cardboard instead of being slotted inside
  • Strong g waistband so you know you can dance the night away in these!

The not so good:

  • You might not want to wear these with a smooth based shoe as they will slip and slide – I made the mistake of doing that with the sandals I was wearing and oh my God it was so hard trying to walk in them!
  • Just be mindful that these will be the type to easily get caught and snag.

As shirt maxi dresses are in, it just seemed perfect to pair up. Classy yet sassy I was going for! Although I would maybe dress with different shoes if I was to go out – maybe heeled boots!


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