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Fiore Temida Tights

Let me start off with a little thank you to a client who bought me these as a thank you. I quite like mock stockings/suspenders – teams well with outfits that I do for work rather than the real thing.


My Outfit Today

Well I decided that I haven’t pulled out this skirt in a while and it would work well with these tights. I was going to go for a white t-shirt but then I though black would go better along with my black boots – pretty dark I know but I wanted my skirt to be the statement piece today with the tights blending in.

Plus I find it quite cute as the polka dot band with the thick mock suspender line just adds that touch of sexy.


Now for the review (I’m gonna miss out the packaging bit here):

  • They’re easy to roll on up the leg and didn’t snag for once going up either. I did scrunch and roll though just to be on the safe side as I know their quality isn’t all that at the moment.
  • The design sits around mid-thigh to lower-thigh but the band is thick enough for it to be there and not reveal the suspender design. I took a pic so you can see when I am standing where the band starts just at the bottom of my skirt. You don’t want to reveal too much here *wink*
  • I do like the quality of the denier this time – it’s 60 and quite opaque too so it’s nice. It does have a lovely feel to it and once again no snags!!
  • They do have invisible reinforced toes on there – WOOP. Although the denier is thick, it always helps having that reassurance just in case a toenail decides to be cheeky!
  • I love the design on these – they are really cute and playful and adds that bit of fun to an outfit. On me, the band starts from the knees as now it is sitting where it should be and now where I pulled it up to, but it is very thick so you don’t get to see the suspender bit until you lift the skirt up higher than normal.
  • The band is strong on these – even messing with them they sit where they need to and stay! They may roll a bit depending if they sit around the stomach or lower (all dependent on height) so just remember that


However, I did find a few worth-mentioning points:

  • When you put them over your toes, because of the thick denier, it seems like they won’t shape around and have a gap between the baby toe and the tights. But once you pull them up and set them, then it isn’t so bad.
  • Once again there comes the streakiness near the top of the tights – I didn’t stretch as much as I normally would with these to see if it was me who was doing it. But I can safely say that it wasn’t and the tights are like that. It might be because I have bigger thighs than most slim girls, but something worth sharing.
  • The band does blend in with the 60 denier so it doesn’t pop as much as it shows on the packaging unless you’re in sunlight.
  • You may need to pinch the lines in place – I had to redo the back as it was sitting lower than the front and then decided to wiggle up to the top.
  • As they are microfiber, you may find that bits of fluff will catch on and stay there, so you may need to dust yourself a few times if you are around fluffy things!


So would I recommend? Well both good and bad pints are near enough equal, but overall I think I would recommend them. They are a nice pair of tights, affordable and do look super cute when they are on. For once, Fiore has done well with their quality so I’m not gonna grumble. I don’t know if many of you have noticed, but their quality has gone so downhill recently with their new items, I thought these would be just as bad. But I was wrong this time round!


My deets:

T-Shirt – H&M

Skirt – River Island

Tights – Via Amazon

Boots – Forever21


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