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Fiore Tacoma Tights

I do apologise for the delay in getting this up for you all – I don’t know if many of you seen that I had to take my little one into the vets the other day and have been stressing ever since so I didn’t get round to doing a review.

However I now know that he is fine and the op went well, so I’m once again focused!

Back to the tights, thank you to my follower who gifted these; I love them as much as they do!


My Outfit

I went pretty formal with my outfit today – blues and blacks to make the tights the focal point. I went with the blue flowy cami top with my black ribbed bodycon skirt and my new Simmi shoes that I will be reviewing shortly!

Having the outfit quite dark actually made the tights more sheer and the backseam stood out a lot in these. I’m sure it may still have the same effect if worn with lighter colours.

My Deets

Cami Top: New Look

Skirt: New Look

Tights: Via Amazon

Shoes: Simmi Shoes


The Review

I won’t say much about the packaging as it’s just the same as the Adelle’s I did the other day.

I have to say that the quality of these aren’t that great if I am honest – they do feel quite rough and weren’t smooth at all.

So with these you have to scrunch and roll – I tried just pulling them up but the backseam goes haywire! I did struggle a lot to try and get these straight at the back – a lot of pinching and tugging had to be done!!!

Right, so the rose design > they sit right under your bum cheeks, so those short shorts or dresses will work fabulous with these! My skirt managed to cover it all so all you see is the backseam and that’s it. I thought they might fall slightly during the day but they stayed put for once!

I do love the design on these – I think they’re sexy yet flirty and can work with a lot of outfits > making them playful, flirty, formal and even casual.

The band is good on these – holds very well and doesn’t loosen at any point either! They also have a cut-off point, however it stays sheer up until the band.

I do love how the backseam starts from the reinforced toes underneath and carries itself all the way up to the mid-thigh – perfect for slingback shoes where the heel is on show.

Another major point to report is that these snag very easily – managed to get a hole on my bum cheek after a day of wearing them – they aren’t long lasting as I thought they would be!


Overall opinion? I don’t think these are worth the hassle if I am honest. I do love them and I think they are such a cute pair, but I like my tights to be longer lasting and good quality and if you are just like me, then these aren’t really the ones to go for!


3 thoughts on “Fiore Tacoma Tights

  1. Love that you are lifting your skirts more and more to show more leg. Hope you get the confidence to lift it up a bit more 😜

    Thank you soni for sharing all these pics.