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Fiore Storia Gossip Stockings

How cute are these?! Once again it was an eBay buy, but I am so glad I got a hold of a pair. I have to admit it’s not the ones I wanted (in terms of colour) as I thought I was ordering the nude with the black polka dots and seams, but nevertheless these are mega sweet!

I was debating on when I am supposed to wear these seeing as the weather hasn’t been behaving itself once again, so I thought why not team up with an oversized jumper rather than a skirt or dress? I was a bit hesitant at first as my jumpers aren’t normally long enough, but then my new grey jumper came to the rescue and was long enough to do this!

My Outfit

As I mentioned before, I bought myself a new slash neck jumper last week and thought seeing as I’m wearing new stockings, let’s team them up together. I’m trying to get myself into the habit of wearing stockings to work more. I’ve clocked the holdups (and I am so comfortable in them now) but stockings I am still working on.

Now I didn’t want to be so leggy with my outfit, so I opted for those famous grey boots of mine (50 shades here!) just to add to it. So rather than being so smart, the boots tone it down slightly.

There are so many ways that you can wear polka dots (and I am sure I have said this before as well!) as it’s one of those designs that can work with any type of clothing. I don’t know what it is about them, but they just go!


The Review

It’s been a while since I have been in Fiore, so I am looking forward to reviewing these again. I don’t know about you but I found their recent collections have been gorgeous but the quality had been lacking (snagging way too easily and not as long lasting as they used to be) so I thought I would opt to get a pair of stockings from their SS17 collection to do.

The Packaging: it’s a different look to what I used to buy – very minimal and more on the professional side I like to call it. If you saw their packaging before, it was more vibrant, very out-there and was aimed at a wide age range, whereas these seem to be more for the ‘elegant woman’ – that’s how I see it!


They were very neatly wrapped inside with no cardboard in them thank god (as I would have screamed as they are so delicate).

Getting Them On: is not as easy as you would think. Even though they were horizontally packed in, so you think the line-up would be easy but I have to say that they were pretty bent and wiggled a bit so I knew it was going to be slightly hard to get these on in one go! I managed to get one leg pretty dead on with a few pinch and pulls, but the other I had to be a contortionist – it was so hard! I managed to get there in the end, and then realised that I’m wearing long boots so what the hell was the point in getting them perfectly straight?!?!?!


The Suspender Grip: is pretty sweet on these. normally I have to faff around to get these to pinch and close, but that wasn’t an issue at all. They clung on really nicely and stayed put all day.


The Toe Area: is pretty cute. The patterns starts right from under the toes and works its way right up to the band. These do have reinforced toes on them (thank god) so I don’t have to worry about long nails at this point! I have enough wiggle room in these (once I pulled them slightly so there’s minimal pressure around the area). I have noticed that the pattern here is slightly imperfect; the dots have extra yarn coming out of them compared to the rest of the leg. It’s not too much of an issue this time as I’m covering my feet but if I was in sandals or court shoes, I would have had a right old moan!


The Denier: we are talking 20s here, which gives that gorgeous sheer. In daylight, it does become a lot more lighter on the legs (as you can see where I used flash below in the left image) which I do love. It worked well seeing as I was covering most of my legs, so the thighs were making the most of it whilst they could in the sunshine. I do have to say that I did manage to snag these pretty easily near the band, but only little ones (phew!) so you will need to be careful when you’re in them and getting them on and off.


The Look & Feel: is just beautiful. A little treasure hidden is how I see it. I love how the band is only around 1-1 ½ inches thick rather than a +2 ½ inch thickness. It just makes it look ultra-feminine and pretty damn sexy in my opinion. I love thick bands don’t get me wrong but the beauty about this is its simplicity. The cherry on the top is how smooth these are; not to the point your legs are gliding off each other but close enough. You do feel slight bumps where to dots are but nothing that will press into your legs and leave a mark – that’s the best part of it.


Overall Thoughts?

Oh yes yes yes! Forget the fact that these have snagged; these are just simply perfect! Great price, great look and I have never felt so good wearing stockings to work. It really did work for my legs making them look smooth, slim and playful!

Thanks Fiore for pulling through this time!


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