Fiore · Hosiery

Fiore Sonaya

Before anyone says anything these were not named after me! The amount of people that asked me today what they were called and after telling, they turn around and say ‘oh wow is that named after you?’ – I WISH!!

Now I have mixed thoughts about these – not impressed with the amount of times they easy snagged and I swear I didn’t cause one of them, it just mysteriously happened!! 😲

So let’s start with the good:

  • The design is so pretty, it looks like a pair of stockings I got gifted a while ago.
  • It’s versatile so can be worn with pretty much everything – I would dress it smart as it does the outfit favours than it would in casual (but that’s just my opinion!)
  • They stay up the whole day – always good news especially when you’re in heels.
  • Has the reinforced invisible toe.
  • The design is actually easy to line up – I didn’t have to stand like a spaz in front of the mirror trying to line up!
  • The 20 denier sheer does make the design stand out beautifully at the back – I did see a few checking out the back of my legs!!

Now the not so good:

  • It snags like there is no tomorrow!! I ended with with over5 snags by midday!
  • The design on my right leg kept turning to the side so had to keep readjusting it every few hours.
  • It catches so easy so please be careful with these if you do choose to buy them.
  • It also does catch fluff – the amount of times I had to keep rubbing my legs to get it off!!!!

Overall they are a lovely pair but get them in the sale if you can so if they do get ruined, you won’t be as heartbroken as me when it does snag!!

Now the deets for you:

T-shirt – H&M

Bodycon Skirt – H&M

Tights – Fiore Sonaya via Amazon

Velvet touch boots – Gifted via Amazon

Trainers – Roshe One by Nike

Oversized Cardi – Zara


7 thoughts on “Fiore Sonaya

  1. Back seams always get more stares I think. You have to be inner confident to pull them off. Like the look of these, but hate it when tights simply snag just by looking at them. 😤

    Speaking of tights with you’re name in, have you seen the Oroblu Sonia Tights? They do look lovely with the mock stocking design and patterned legs.
    Hope you had a great weekend 😘😘