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Fiore Solaria Melange Tights

Well we are back in Fiore once again.. and to be honest I am dreading it already. For those of you who are new to Fiore, they aren’t the greatest brand out there. Don’t get me wrong I used to wear them all the time when I first got into hosiery as they were cheap, their designs were gorgeous and they did their job.

Check out the bottom of the blog to find my previous Fiore reviews 🙂

However, over the recent years they have completely downgraded to the point I wouldn’t even advise you to buy a pair even if it was for 99p! Their quality went downhill bigtime, yet their designs still stood out of the crowd. It was a proper hit and miss, and now that I am back in them reviewing a melange pair, I am pretty sceptical already!

The Spec

Size: 2 / Small

Colour: Black / Grey

Denier: 40

Materials: 47% polyamide, 40% polyester, 12% elastane, 1% cotton

Price: £4.45

Website: Amazon – Solaria beautiful semi-opaque tights with pattern by Fiore

My Outfit

Seeing as I was at home, I decided to dress up a tad (and rock my slippers which aren’t in the images below!)

I went with my white lace skater dress and added these to make it more winter-appropriate. I would have worn black boots with them and a black cardigan or maybe switch to greys and blend the tights in.

I kept my hair up in a little messy bun but you can always have it down and bouncy to give it more of a romantic look!

My Deets

Dress: Jennyfer

Tights: Fiore


The Review

From The Website: Melange patterned microfibre pantyhose with invisibly reinforced toe portion. Made of high quality material. Stretchy and flexible. Perfect complement to any outfit.

High quality material
Invisibly reinforced toes
Hand wash only
Friendly to skin
Do not pull down while wearing
Before purchase please check the size chart


The Packaging: the normal Fiore collection tends to have the same type of packaging; model showing the hosiery at the front along with small details (size, colour, denier) in the top corner. The back goes into a little more detail with sizing along with the following:

Patterned microfibre tights.

Invisibly reinforced. Cotton gusset.



Getting Inside: so these are neatly wrapped around cardboard. These are flat packed which means you just scrunch on down making sue that the black area stays on the side of the legs when you do this.

There is no right or wrong way to put these on to be honest; so just roll on and get going!



On The Legs: I didn’t have to do much to get these on so I won’t go into great detail as I do with others. As long as you got the black on the outer part of your leg and the grey inside, you’re all good.

As these are 40 denier, they will be slightly sheer on the legs, so don’t expect them to be completely blocked. I thought they might be but they actually aren’t and especially when the sunlight shines on them, they do look a lot lighter.

Coverage is decent though; especially trying to cover stubbly or hairy legs these are great. They are smooth as well and super soft on the legs too, so these will (somewhat) keep you warm during the cold periods.

With snagging, I can’t even say anything as one hasn’t popped up all day which I am pleased about. Normally Fiore snag like there is no tomorrow, but this pair withstood a lot and I am pleased!



The Toes & Ankles: so I found extra material around the toes which surprised me as it’s only 40 denier instead of 100 where I would expect it to be more thicker. During the day it does slightly move and adjusts itself so you don’t get little bulky bits at the corners. Coverage on the toes are great (I haven’t got nail varnish on so it looks very basic) but with nail varnish on, it would slightly peek through.

With these being a thicker denier and the fact that these are reinforced and the design starts under the toes, I wouldn’t recommend sandals but maybe peep toes to wear with them if you fancied it.


Around the ankles I can’t say there was any extra material crinkling around (Thank GOD!) and during the day they stay up well so you won’t find them falling down at any point. I would advise you to make sure you choose the right size to prevent this from happening as with an extra size up, the material has nowhere else to go which means it will just gather at the bottom and basically look … SHIT!



The Waistband: super comfortable but does lose a little elasticity during the day.  They are brill to begin with and hold up really well, but during the day (and the amount of times I drink water and go toilet) these start to loosen up a little which I found uncomfortable and I ended up having ti keep pulling them up slightly.

Otherwise these (to begin with) sit around the belly button 🙂


The brief part starts under the bum / high front which means you can wear shorter skirts with this but maybe give the shorts a miss. Normally they sit slightly lower but these actually sat quite high on me, which I was impressed with.



The Design: I wasn’t too sure about to begin with but the longer I was in them, the more they grew on me and I ended up liking them quite a lot. I would prefer to wear these with smart shorts, a shirt and boots but as my shorts are too short (and people would look at my funny) it wasn’t appropriate!

I love how they are two-tone with the roses intertwining it all making it look like a gorgeous piece. The only blah thing is that they do look kinda dull, so I wish they were slightly more vibrant so they had that wow-statement-factor to them rather than keeping them low key.

These are a pair that can be worn casually as well as formally (for instance in the office or a party) and do look great from far whereas close up it looks kinda digitalised (if that is even a word!)



My Thoughts?

Well done Fiore with this pair! I actually liked them and the fact that they didn’t snag and looked good on the legs is a bonus.

I liked the design and the quality (for a change) but the downer was the waistband as the last thing I want is a pair that is gonna be baggy on the waist the more I wear them.



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