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Fiore Soda Tights

I am super delayed with this review; this one was supposed to be my Xmas Eve one. Anyways… This cute pair I found at a bargain price on eBay some time ago, and seeing as I didn’t have enough patterned in my collection, I thought it was time to bring back Fiore!

Now I made a massive boo boo when I ordered a size Medium instead of Small, so let’s see how this goes…

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: Medium

Denier: 20

Materials: 90% Polyamide & 10% Elastane

Price: £4.99

Website: eBay – FIORE Soda Luxury 20 Denier Super Fine Sheer Decorative Polka Dot Tights

My Outfit

I wanted to go proper funky with this outfit; I paired it with my reindeer Xmas jumper dress and added my glitter boots to finish the look.

My Deets

Jumper: via Groupon

Tights: Fiore

Boots: Dr Martens



The Review

From The Website: Brand New With Tags and Gift Packed

FIORE Soda Luxury 20 Denier Super Fine Sheer Decorative Polka Dot Tights

Fiore Soda 20 Denier luxury tights. Super fine sheer tights with decorative large and small polka dot pattern detailing.
90% Polyamide and 10% Elastane


The Packaging: this is one of their old collections, and you can tell with their packaging. Their new packaging is a lot more vibrant and eye-catching and these seem slightly dulled down in comparison. It still sells don’t get me wrong, but you can notice the difference quite easily if you’re a Fiore fan.

These came flat folded around card, and I am dreading to see how these sit on me now being 1 size larger than usual!


On The Legs: okay so not too bad I have to say, but I did have the issue of these wrinkling at the ankles in my boots, which I wasn’t too happy about.

The denier being 20 makes the mixed polka dots really pop on the legs. These aren’t as scattered as I thought they would be, but equally they look amazing!

The quality of these are your standard; a few wears and they are done. I managed to snag them in a few places, which sucked but what can you do hey?

The fit of these were too big and I could tell come by the end of the day, which is a shame as I really do like the way these look on the legs. If they were Small, I know I wouldn’t have an issue with the fitting. The feel of them are soft with the polka dots being slightly raised against the tights rather than sewn in.


The Toes & Ankle: so the toes have invisible reinforcement and I know due to the design starting at the bottom of the toes rather than from the seam. This does help with long / sharp nails!

These don’t apply any pressure to the toes and there is enough material for the toes to wiggle and breathe.

Around the ankle, you can tell these are pretty big on me as they’re slipping down! Otherwise they would have been a lovely flush finish against the skin.


The Waistband: I gotta say the band is pretty good though. I thought it would be pretty loose on me, but they actually hug really well. They aren’t too tight which is nice and they don’t roll over to create a little strip. It’s a pretty thick one considering, but maybe this is because they are a size medium and the band would be slimmer if it was a size small? Who knows!

They don’t lose elasticity during the day either which I am pleased about and they certainly don’t fall down the legs which was a massive worry!



My Thoughts?

Overall I really do love the design and how they look, but the sizing was a problem for me. If they were a small, I know I would have loved them!

The quality is ok; nothing special really but it does for a few wears.

2 thoughts on “Fiore Soda Tights

  1. Love the look of these polka dot tights which have to say they look stunning on your legs and being the Fiore brand which I love when it comes to fit and feel and look. These I would love to have along with the Fiore sky tights.