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Fiore Sheila Mock Stockings & Studded Court Shoes

I am back in these once again thanks to a follower who gifted these! I seem to be doing a lot of Fiore lately and only just realised once I started writing, but I have to say they are looking up as the quality is pretty good in the past few I have done.

I will also be reviewing the court shoes that I have paired up with my outfit today!


My Outfit Today

I opted for my red 2-in-1 skater dress today to do with this pair along with my new court shoes to add that edge to it! I wanted to add a slight bit of colour seeing as I keep doing darks lately (doesn’t help with the weather either!)

The Deets:

Skater Dress – BooHoo Online

Tights – via Amazon

Shoes – via Amazon


Fiore Sheila:

Now I won’t say much about how they were packaged (as I always say) because they’re usually packaged the same and I never seem to have any problems worth noting. Once I got them out, they weren’t flat packed very well – normally they are folded perfectly without a single crease, however I found that these did have them in; a little strange seeing as they looked brand spanking new!

They were very easy to get on – I didn’t need to scrunch and roll to get these over the anklets so a bonus point there. However I did need to stretch them up a fair bit just to make sure that the band started mid-thigh and not just above the knees – it would look really odd if they did. So a little pull and tug was needed and then just pinching to put the mock strap in line.

They do have reinforced toes on these – which did come in handy this morning with all that pulling and I have to say they hardly snagged. I normally end up getting at least 1 small one somewhere but I can say that I didn’t this time around.

Going back to the band – when it finally sits where it’s supposed to, it’s really nice against the 20 denier. It’s a see-through band with a thicker mock strap to emphasise which I love by the way! I love how classy it looks with an outfit too – something you can wear as a daily thing than bedroom. Even with a pair of shorts, these would look so funky! (gonna try it now when I go on holiday!)

The band is really nice and semi-tight too – hasn’t moved all day. I know sometimes they can actually fall slightly or start to roll depending on where it is sitting, but these have been fine so far! You can feel a different texture on the band – feels grainy but it gives a nice effect on the legs and the bow on the belt is so so cute!

I love the smooth feel that you get when you run your hands down them, it feels like they are supporting your legs a little too. I know that they aren’t as it wasn’t stated on the packaging, but it seems to have a much more reinforced feel to them… Am I starting to fall back in love with them again?!?!


So would I recommend? Yep I would. I can’t even say that without hesitation as they are such a gorgeous playful pair.


Unbranded Studded Court Shoes:

Oh god when I saw these on Amazon, I just had to add them to the wishlist. I thought they were absolutely stunning! Thank you to my follower who gifted me these!

When they arrived, I do admit they are different to the picture that I saw – they were matte black with more of a studded point to them. The ones that I received were patent and the studs didn’t stick out as much as I thought they would. But I won’t let that put me off!

They smelt so good – fresh patent shoes are the best smell ever! And to top it off, they had heel caps with them too! WOOO!!!

When I was about to put them on, they stated that it was a Size 40 (UK 7) and I thought oh dear god these are going to be massive as I am a Size 39 (UK 6), however I did struggle to feet my feet into them at first (clearly their sizing is wrong)! But it wasn’t so bad once they were in!

It stated on the seller’s page that they are 11cm high without platform – although they seem to be a lot smaller than that when you look at the height of them in your hand. And I wouldn’t put it past them if they actually were a lot smaller – China does this a lot!

They do feel comfortable and snug once they are on and so easy to walk in seeing as the heel height isn’t as high as I expected it to be. On this note, I do wish that the studs were a lot spikier like the picture on Amazon. It just made the shoes look absolutely stunning – not saying the ones I have aren’t but it just added more!


So would I recommend? Well yep I would but just be careful what you are paying for. My follower paid for these but if you are paying yourself, then just be wary and shop around before you buy them.


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