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Fiore Rockstar Tights

And another pair of Fiore is making its way onto the blog once again. I did get these off eBay but I managed to find another supplier who sells these so please see details below 🙂

Instead of dressing these up, I decided to do a more causal outfit in them instead; it’s been some time since I have done that!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: Small

Denier: 30

Price: £8.00

Website: Kiss Me Deadly – Fiore Rockstar 30 Denier Tights

My Outfit

I wore my long sleeve top tucked into my bodycon skirt and added converses to finish off. I left my hair bedhead (so undone curls) and added a double choker to male it look like I made a bit of effort.

My Deets

Top: Dorothy Perkins

Skirt: New Look

Pumps: Converse

Tights: Fiore

Choker: Topshop



The Review

From The Website: Rockstar because they have stars all over and you, I presume, do the rocking, once wearing them. These black tights with a scattering of large and small stars across them have a matte finish due to being woven as a 3D Jacquard (which also makes them more run-resistant than most, like very tiny woven mesh), sheer to the waist, ribbed waistband, flat seams, and invisible toes.


The Packaging: this is from their new collection, and you can tell from their packaging. Fiore have changed this a while back, and it looks so much better I think!

As you can see at the front, the model wearing the hosiery and the back goes into a little more detail. When you get in, you will find these flat folded around card.


On The Legs: so getting these on, I thought they were pretty decent rolling them up the calves, and then I saw that the quality wasn’t all that great when I started to stretch them slightly on the thighs. I saw no consistency and the fact that these has some weird markings and snags already in the pair before I even wore them out.

The denier being 30 makes these slightly thicker, although these are a micro net base with the stars sewn in. The quality is quite poor, and to be honest I doubt I will be wearing these again.

The fit of them were fine; they hugged the legs so well throughout the day and didn’t once roll down. The feel of them are quite rough with that net texture; so this is one pair you do need to take care of as they will catch and snag super easy.

From far, these do look real nice, but up close I gotta say I wasn’t impressed. I looked down and saw (see top left image) this type of pattern going down the legs. It looks super cheap and for those who love hosiery, I would not recommend this pair.


The Toes & Ankle: the toes were fine; I had plenty of wiggle room, no pressure added at any point and I am sure these are supposed to be invisibly reinforced. I can’t remember exactly, but if they aren’t then seriously take care with long and/or sharp nails, as these will easily fall apart!

Around the ankles, these sat smoothly against the ankle!


The Waistband: plus point here; the band is great. These are quite thick in comparison to some of their models, which I like. These sit around belly button level on me, and they stay up so well. The elasticity in these are great; they don’t come loose throughout the day and they are comfortable. They do naturally leave some markings when you have been in them all day, but they don’t squeeze you or feel too tight.


My Thoughts?

After being in them for a day, I don’t think I would recommend these. I thought they would be pretty fun, but actually I don’t like the way they look on the legs and the quality is just terrible.

Sorry Fiore

2 thoughts on “Fiore Rockstar Tights

  1. Nah not my cup of tea have to agree with what you had to say about these. They look great on your legs from a distance but the close ups are terrible for that reason only these aren’t for me. Seen other star design tights in other brands would buy there are about 6 that can think of. But then again you never know what they look like on till you buy them or see someone wearing them either out or in a online review.