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Fiore Proxima Tights

Well Fiore is back again after disappearing for a while in my little collection of reviews! It has been some good time since I last had a pair of Fiore on, so I’m glad to be back in them again.

I was in the mood of dressing up a little, on the smart side of course so these were perfect to be my statement piece.

This pair I’m not too sure if it’s still available, but I got mine off eBay so you may want to start there!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: 2 / Small

Denier: 20

Materials: 85% Polyamide, 12% Elastane, 2% Polypropylene, 1% Cotton (small gusset)

Price: £4.95

Website: Fiore Pantyhose Proxima 20den SL


My Outfit

So a style that I haven’t done for a while now; t-shirt dress layered with a waterfall jacket along with grey strap court shoes and my fringe back. I thought it was simple but worked well enough for the office. Like I said before, my hosiery was my statement piece and with the way the design is at the back, it pairs up perfect with my shoes!

You could easily add a long drop necklace but I always have to take mine off as it just twists around my badge at work!

My Deets

T-Shirt Dress: Jennyfer

Tights: Fiore

Jacket: New Look

Shoes: Dorothy Perkins



The Review

The Packaging: if you wear Fiore a lot, you will know that their packaging is pretty much the same. It always had the back of the model’s legs at the front with very minimal about the tights, and then flip over and you get a little lowdown about the hosiery.



Getting Them On: okay so to begin with, these are flat packed. And when you unravel, you will notice that the grey lined backseam is pretty bent on the hosiery. But don’t let that put you off… Then again…


I had such a nightmare! I mean I was actually swearing at my tights it was that bad. They are so complicated – more than any hosiery should be! I got one leg on right and tried to line it up, only to find out that the other kept twisting so the grey lines ended up at the front. I literally had to switch legs and then managed to bladdy snag them! I was so annoyed with them as you just think to follow the lines. It was so much hassle and effort to get them on when it shouldn’t be! If you got time to faff, then fine. But this actually made me run late to work!



So the moral of the story; keep your calm!



The Toes: enough wiggle room in these and I am sure that these are invisibly reinforced. Normally Fiore are, which is always a good thing! They’re completely sheer which is perfect as you can wear peep toe and open toe shoes with these. the design starts where the toes end so it works well!



The Waistband: one thing I do like about these is that from the bum upwards it’s just plain sheer, so shorts and miniskirts can be worn without a fuss! The band itself is pretty comfortable however I found that it does roll down a bit which can press into you slightly. Nothing too major, but I wouldn’t recommend wearing under a bodycon sitting down all day as you would be able to see that! It has a lot of stretch in them too, which is always a good thing!



On The Legs: so after my little episode this morning, they have been fine and have stayed put all day. I am loving the bands; I didn’t think that they would be at the front, but then had a blonde moment and realised that obviously they would be! Anyways… I got to say they do snag easily, so I would be careful where you where these. I managed to keep them snag-free at work!



The Design: is so funky and certainly an eye catcher. The front does look a little plain not gonna lie, but then again it works with a simple outfit or if you want more fuzz, then jazz it up so the hosiery contributes to it. The back is my favourite, as my jacket covered most of it, so the focal point is the calves and the shoes which work perfect together! These do stretch depending on what part of the leg its’ on; my thighs it widened a lot compared to my lower leg.


I am loving that little grey back seam going on; really funky and unusual but works so well!



My Thoughts?

I think these aren’t bad at all for what you get to be honest. I like the design a lot, the quality is ok to be fair and these lasted all day without a fuss (pretty much). Fiore is one of those brands that can be hit and miss (I have had some bad times with them too) but it’s affordable and have some really awesome designs!


6 thoughts on “Fiore Proxima Tights

  1. Another great review love reading your reviews. Gives me insight into hosiery I might like to get I love the look of these something I would love to have will have to look and get a pair to wear for myself if I can find them will do a web search.

  2. These tights would be handy to write
    Soni Panda has the best legs on Twitter
    On every line next time im in detention