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Fiore Obsession Etheris with Lace Bodycon Top

So I went with a whole different vibe today and not too sure if many would agree with this outfit but I thought to myself let’s switch it up and see what my followers think.

Now before I go onto it, I’m not the type to do vulgar or kinky or any kind of inappropriate shots and this review is not intended that way so please don’t leave any inappropriate comments to this post. If you’re not a fan then please scroll along.

Now while we are on this vibe, I’m not a stockings or holdups kind of girl but as they were gifted, I would happily do a review on them to see what I think.

So let’s begin ๐Ÿ˜… ย I need to invest in a belt to hold these damn things up! The one thing I do not bladdy have! Worst thing I they kept falling down – stupid chunky thighs!

I have a lot of good to say about these:

  • The design of these are lovely – simple but effective enough!
  • They’re 20 denier so enough to make your legs look perfect and the thick band at the top to make its statement. If it was to go any darker it wouldn’t have been effective enough in my eyes, as the design is quite dull, a darker denier wouldn’t have done it justice.
  • Not easy to snag which is a bonus – I thought it did get caught against my anklets but it didn’t!
  • Once again they have the reinforced toe ๐Ÿ˜
  • Now I have stuck to one outfit but two different shoes/boots to show that you can go two ways with these – playful and edgey or sophisticated and sexy.
  • They’re a smooth sheer which is nice – not a big fan on sheers that have that matt feel to them (it’s not nice to run your hands down them!)

Let’s move onto the not so good:

  • The design is only at the front/side (depends on where you would like it to be – I opted for the front)
  • Make sure you get a belt – don’t do what I did and try to move around in these and have them falling down
  • If you have chunky thighs then the deign does stretch at the top so think wisely before buying

Now with these I teamed up with a Bodycon Top that a follower had gifted me so though I would combine the two in this review:

  • It fits so nicely and is true to size.
  • You have the option to button it at the bottom like a babygrow or leave it open.
  • I love the lace detail and the satin tie at the back – gives it that sheek glam look.
  • Had a deep back – I would either go braless or get a invisible back strap when wearing this top.
  • It is quite a clingy material or I would opt for a t-shirt bra if you’re wearing one.


4 thoughts on “Fiore Obsession Etheris with Lace Bodycon Top

  1. I wa are ally surprised to hear you had trouble with the Fiore hold ups actuall holding up as they are normally a good sturdy brand. I’ve had the same problem recently with some Silky hold ups (or should that be fall downs.)
    At first I thought it was my moisturiser on my thoughts that might be reacting with the silicone bands, but then tried some other brand and realised it was the Silky’s ๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿ˜ฌ
    Anyway, if you are gonna team these up with a belt like you said, can I recommend you get a belt with 6 suspended straps and metal clasps are a must. The plastic ones tend to ping when you least expect them to. ๐Ÿ˜ค

    Anyway, I love the body. Love the detail in the bust / neckline which is absolutely gorgeous. Hope it’s not scratchy lace though.

    Nice to see you in holdups for a change Sonia. I can understand why some many don’t like them when they don’t behave like they should, but when you find the right pair that does, it just makes a girl feel that little bit more sexy under an outfit.

    Have a great Sunday ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

    1. Oh wow this is a long comment hehe! … Well to be fair Fiore is actually good with their hold ups as I’ve reviewed some before on my insta, however their stockings I am not too sure about. Especially their obsession range.
      I shall bear that in mind about the suspended straps – I need to go hunting for some now. Is there any particular ones that you could recommend?

      Ah I do love the bodyvest, it’s so snug and actually really nice. I thought it might be a cheap material but it’s actually lovely to wear. It’s not a scratchy lace to be fair – I thought it would be but it’s surprisingly not.

      I know I thought I wouldn’t shy away from it and review different things – everyone has their own views don’t they? But that is true, it does give it that sexy feel ๐Ÿ™‚ xx