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Fiore Noira Tights

Well well well…. Dark deniers and patterned bands are just stunning don’t you think?

I decided to pull these out as the weather was doing all sorts this morning and well – I just loved the band on these!!


My Outfit:

I went with a cream bodycon dress with a lace crochet pattern at the front and my brown wedges just to make it a little casual for work. I would have gone for black heels to smarten it up, but the wedges just did me for today.

You can stick gold jewellery with it if you wanted to as well to jazz it up a tad; I just wanted a laid-back-not-done look with this.

Bodycon Dress: H&M

Wegdes: Toms


So onto the review:

  • Packaging is always good with Fiore – it shows the design off on the front and gives you all the info that you need on the back
  • They have reinforced toes for starters – WOO WOO! Especially being 60 deniers, you would get proper reinforcement!
  • They’re easy to get on and off around the anklets with the thicker denier, however where it goes sheer on the top, you do need to be careful as I ended up snagging it a few times!
  • The band sits just above the knees (it might differ if you are fairly taller) but it’s a nice thick band with a gorgeous design (as you can see!)
  • A good band that stays put all day on these too!
  • It fits really nicely around the toes – I always find that thicker deniers don’t shape around the toes well, however these do!
  • These are a really nice versatile pair of tights that can be dressed in many ways – with heels it would become a lot more formal and sexier and with a pair of trainers to keep that feminine oomph!

The only bad point is that they do snag at the top. The quality of these are alright, not as good as pairs I have bought before but you do need to watch out for the snags on the sheer tops.


So would I recommend? Yep I think these are a lovely pair – affordable and cute but not something I would keep long term as I can’t see these lasting!


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