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Fiore Nasar Stockings (Obsession Collection)

Let me start off with a thank you to my follower who gifted these – they do look like a gorgeous pair! I managed to get some time last night to get these done for my review today!

So I am now half way through my stockings collection – only a few more to go WOO! I have to admit they are lot more harder than holdups and tights just because there’ that label of ‘seduction’ behind them, so trying to get out of that can be quite hard (well for me it is!)


My Outfit

I went with my grey wrap knot top and a black mini skirt to go with these (without a suspender belt as they held up fine on their own). I didn’t do shoes with these just because I wanted the main focus to be on the stockings and not the full outfit.

You can easily make these more seductive by adding a suspender belt or switching the outfit to a shorter black dress and killer heels.

I was trying to go for the more casual look where you can wear these on a daily basis.


So I can see this being a short review and just like the Fiore Anais I reviewed a few days ago as they are both similar styles and produced by the same company.

Onto the review:

  • Slide on really nicely – I scrunch and rolled onto the foot to avoid any snags from happening and it worked.
  • A very soft smooth denier on the legs with a thick fabric band does make it stand out. The sheen to it does make the legs look pretty nice!
  • Reinforced toes on these babies!
  • They sit around mid-thigh and are around 7-10cm thick on the band. I do love the design on the band – very simple and minimal but worked well with this outfit in particular.
  • You may want to do a suspender belt with these but whilst I was snapping away, I didn’t really need to pull them up.

The only stand-out point I have to make is that they do snag – but not as easily as the newer collections.


Would I recommend? Yeah I would. They’re a cute little number that can work as daily wear too – if teamed up right.


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