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Fiore Nadira

Firstly I would like to apologise for the lack of blogs lately – it was my hubby’s birthday on Thursday (the first married one together) so I had to leave anything blogging wise and give him all my love and attention over the past few days. We were heading off to Birmingham to see Drake and spend a bit of quality time together!!!

Now you will be pleased to know that I actually took tights with me to Birmingham for the Drake BoyMeetsWorldTour. I have to admit I packed everything last minute before we were heading up and seeing as I could not decide what I wanted to wear, I thought take 3 dresses with me and 6 pairs of tights and choose the pair later once I have done my hair and makeup.

My Outfit

I have to admit it was hard what dress to wear – i had the choice from my black bodycon, the sequin white and black dress and the weird flapping one (remember I posted it on my Instastory that I couldn’t decide?!) so I had that decision once again on Thursday night. I just told homie to pick for me and he went with the plain black bodycon dress which meant that tight were not going to be an issue.

I had packed in some really heavy and bold designs which wouldn’t have worked with the sequin dress, but then I thought keep it simple and sexy seeing as I’m doing slightly heavy eyes and big hair, so Fiore Nadira was the ones I went for. Very subtle, yet very eye-catching.



The Review

So I am hoping most of you know Fiore’s and how their packaging tends to look. It’s quite simple yet striking at the front showing the full design of the tights on the model and a really good lowdown at the back, so no surprises when you get the tights on:


Getting them on: I would advise gloves at this point – don’t even try to risk it without them. Most Fiore’s you can get away with not wearing them, but with these as they are pretty delicate, they would seriously come in handy. The only bad thing I noticed here was (and this is when gloves on no word of a lie) – it does snag very very easily. I managed to get on just rolling up the last bit on my thigh and I was absolutely screwing. Even my hubby was like “How the hell did you just manage to do that?


I also have to admit the line up is pretty hard on these.

These didn’t come horizontally packed but flat, which means you will have to work hard to get that seam to sit perfectly at the back.

The amount of attempts I had trying to get it perfect was was over 10 tries until I just gave up and told hubby to do the rest for me. It was small pinches here and there and small tugs against the seam to make it sit straight rather than a wiggly line. In my opinion, the best thing is that it started from above the ankle, but that can also be the worst thing as the seam doesn’t start from the toes so it’s harder to get it right.


The design: I absolutely love the look of these tights; one of the most effective pair I have to date. Very simple, very minimal but attracts major attention when you turn and walk. I do like how they have used that silver foil materials in parts of the design to make it see, ‘more’ than what it actually is. That’s why I went for them as I looked and thought “these would work perfect for parties, clubbing or a date night“. These are 20 denier so you do have very sheer coverage on them with the back design being at least 60+ denier to make it ‘pop’ as I like to call it.


The sheerness: I just have to mention how gorgeous 20 denier looks on the legs. Now I like all types of sheer coverage as you all know – starting from 5 denier all the way up to 60 denier (yes that can still be sheer!)

It can turn a pair of veiny, cellulite looking legs into this wonderful masterpiece all because of that simple layer of material that a woman (and man!) chooses to put on her legs.


Around the toes: Now let me go for it here – and this is not a good bit. I would advise cutting your toenails to short for these pair as I had the most worst experience ever. So went to the concert and had a fab time, then went back to the hotel to have a drinking session before we hit the town. I decided to just take off my shoes and let my feet have some breathing space before we get off again and dance the night away, only to find that I have not only 1, but 2 HOLES IN MY TIGHTS! I am sure that the packaging said reinforced toes, well that certainly wasn’t the case! I was so miffed! The first thing I did was get the hairspray and spray as much as I could to make sure that these holes don’t get any bigger during the night. The worst look is a run that starts from the toes and works up your foot (that has happened to me any times before!!)



Overall Thoughts?

I have to say I do love these tights, but the fact that they can snag that easily and get rips in the toes instantly is something that I can’t stand. I like tights that are good quality, don’t snag so easily and certainly don’t rip around the toes! I do love the Fiore brand as they are affordable as well as fashionable, but these didn’t make the cut for me this time around.


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