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Fiore Muse Tights (Golden Line Collection)

Whooppee I am back in tights again after a long hectic weekend! I tried to get some reviews in but with the amount of prep we had to do for my brother-in-law’s wedding, it just became too manic and I had to focus on that.

Saying that… mine is not that far off now! EEK!

Anyways so these babies I bought myself the other week – I saw them and just had to have them. Love the fact that they are reversed – the pattern being at the top and the bottom is just all sheer.


My Outfit Today

So to show most of these off, I thought  I would go with a side split maxi shirt with a odycon cami top and my boots. Although the maxi is currently sticking to my tights and not swishing past it as I would like it to, it still does make a lovely subtle combo. You can see everyone trying to look at my legs and the design! I love it when the design is partially covered – it does make the eyes wonder 😉

My Deets:

Cami Top: New Look

Maxi Skirt: eBay

Boot: Forever21


The Review

The packaging is different to the typical Fiore that you get – it’s pink stating that it’s the golden line collection (this may be to differentiate between the collections).

It does state the in pictures that it does have a cotton gusset, invisible reinforced toes and a stronger structure to them. I only know this as it does start it on most of their packaging so when the symbols appear, you kinda know what to look out for.

Ok, so they were easy to get on; I did scrunch and roll with these as I wasn’t too sure what the quality was going to be like so was extremely cautious here. They did well over the anklets and going up the legs – was a nice smooth run.

The band is good fitting too – a thick black band which is sheer from toe to waist. It hasn’t budged all day – then again I haven’t been running around as much as I would be so I haven’t really put it to the test.

As mentioned before the design is reversed, so working from sheer toes up to the thigh, it works into a subtle butterfly design going into heavier florals on the top thighs to the waist. It stays 20 denier all around but the design I would put down as 30 denier. So it still keeps the sheer but the design stands out a tad more. However the only bad point is that you do lose the design at the top if you have thicker thighs – you may be able to see it on the 1st picture below – it loses it slightly when it works its way to the top. Otherwise it does keep it around the rest of the legs, so something worth noting there.

It does snag quite easily; I did manage to get one when I was getting out the car (my heel caught it) and gave it a small snag on the leg but nothing too major. So far so good!

The design itself is lovely – striking but delicate too. It can be dressed very feminine with flowy skirts and dresses, but then could be made to be bold with shorts and more tight-fitted clothing.


I can’t say I have any points that need to be mentioned (in a negative way) – they are just a beautiful pair which are actually versatile, so don’t be scared to play around with these with trainers, timberlands, shoes, platforms, booties. A lot can work with these!


So would I recommend? Yes I would. They aren’t expensive and a lovely little pair to add to the collection if you’re into florals.


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