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Fiore Melita Hold-Ups

Well I must say that so far all I keep picking out is back-seam nylons – and I thought I might as well make a week of it seeing as I have a few to do!

Even though the weather is really bad this week and I have a lot of hold-ups and stockings to get through, I couldn’t help but pull them out for work today for the second time ever! I have to admit they are growing on me…

My Outfit Today

So I went with my dress I got from France last year along with my lovely velvety cross over high heels as I wanted to go for the monochrome doll effect.

I chose my puffy skater dress just because I needed a dress long enough to cover the band just in case they fall slightly down my leg so this worked out perfect.

The shoes was just to add that finishing touch and with the red base, it gave it that pop to the outfit too.


So let me get started:

  • Overall I am happy with the packaging – it shows the design quite nicely on the model at the front and then states the good parts on the back of it. They were wrapped well around the cardboard, however as soon as I took them off they snagged, so wasn’t impressed with that!
  • I used my hosiery gloves with these to avoid any more little snags, however I still managed to get tons more working its way up my leg (I suppose anklets are a no no with these!)
  • I do like how strong the silicone band is on these – easy to pull apart but do have a nice firm grip on them and they stay up well throughout the day.
  • I love the cute design on the band – I thought it complimented the dress I am in really well and went with the whole monochrome theme. It doesn’t stretch the design too much if you have chunkier thighs so don’t worry about that. I know some just lose it and it ends up looking bleh!
  • The little hooped back-seam is just adorable too – I love it when brands experiment with them and not just keep it to the simple line. It just adds that little something at the back whether your band is on show or not. I know it definitely worked with my outfit today.


I have 2 not-so-good points to make on these:

  • These were slightly big on me as right now they are sitting just under my bum rather than on my thighs like they show on the model. I suppose these are height dependent.
  • I also have to mention I am so not impressed on how easily these snag – I am that scared to even touch them without hosiery gloves on just in case I catch it!


Would I recommend these? Well maybe not actually. You get what you pay for in this case. I think they are such a cute pair but in terms of quality, it really is lacking with these. I know of Charnos or Aristoc who are cheaper and so much better value for money. So the answer here is a simple no.


My Deets:

Skater Dress – From France

Tights – Fiore via Amazon

Cross Over Shoes – via Amazon


5 thoughts on “Fiore Melita Hold-Ups

  1. I do love seams and these do have a unique back seam. Shame they are snaggers though. Really lets them down otherwise a great pair.
    I do like my hold ups higher on the thigh, but hate it when it folds into the crease before the bum. Gorgeous dress and heels though 😍😍