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Fiore Melilla Floral

I was not having a good morning today – I absolutely struggled to find an outfit I wanted to put with these tights and it just wasn’t happening for me.

As I’ve bought new clothes, new shoes and have got gifted a few pairs of nylons, it was all going off in my head what to pair with what and if it would go or not.

At one point, I was clashing my prints which I wasn’t too sure if it would work or not, but then thought I wasn’t feeling too confident to strut my stuff in it. And then when I finally decided to pick an outfit – just went back to basics, I ended up having to be in flats than heels as I was actually late for work. I thought I would have a pair there I could change into (as I normally do) only to find that I took them home the other day so I’m writing this review in FLATS!!!


Right anyways getting back to the tights that I want to review. I’m going to do both pros and cons together on this one:

  • Decently packed as Fiore always do. Can’t fault anything on this really.
  • Not too keen on the denier – they look quite cheap considering Fiore is a pretty good make and reasonably priced. They are 40 which are usually lovely and soft and easy to get on, but these just seemed like some cheap imitation.
  • I snagged them as soon as I started rolling them on. I didn’t pull them up as I went along – I scrunched to make sure I avoided snagging but it still managed to from my toenails! Not a great start!
  • They were fine going over the anklets, so that is something to SHOUT about!
  • Ok so when you see the packaging it shows that the design sits on the ankle and above, and then on the thigh however in real life, it sits from under the ankle bone up to the calves and then the top design sits from the knees up.
  • Being a size small, these seem to be pretty biggish. I mean they are fine on, but you don’t need to stretch these up at all – you just need to go with the flow I like to say and just glide as you go along. I usually need to tug them up now and again.
  • I do love the design on this – very elegant and feminine and can work with a lot of outfits I think – even though I struggled this morning!!!!
  • The waistband is decent on these – it has kept them up all day without moving which is a good sign. As I am wearing a bodycon skirt, they haven’t moved around with it, so I’m happy!
  • I have to say that it’s really dark on the feet than the rest of the leg – I think they do fall a tad during the day. As I look down now, the denier looks so much darker than the rest of the legs so bear that in mind when you are wearing flats like I am! It would be better with boots as it gets covered.
  • They are sheer from toe to waist – so short shorts would win if you wear these!
  • They also have the invisible reinforced toes on them as well – now it’s getting better!


So would I recommend these? Yeah I would, despite the blah points mentioned in there. They can work with various outfits, and depending on how you normally dress, I think you can pull these off.

For instance – if you’re into punk, then these would work well with an edgy outfit to add that touch of feminine to it or if you’re a bit of a plain Jane, then these would just add that elegant look to a dull floral dress.


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