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Fiore Marion 20 Stockings

Let’s slip back into some stockings, and do an office look. I’ve missed doing these, and now that the weather is getting better I can finally start doing these again! As you well know (I hope the majority of you do) I love me some polka dots, and I have this gorgeous feminine pair to play with!

This pair was sent a good while ago, and they are still in stock so hit the link below to shop!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: 3 / Medium

Denier: 20

Materials: 86% Polyamide, 14% Elastane

Price: £7.99

Website: UKTights – Fiore Marion 20 Stockings

My Outfit

Creating a simple yet bold look, I decided to pair up my orange slogan t-shirt and add my midi pencil skirt to it. I popped on some t-bar leather shoes to finish off the look. You can always change to pumps or trainers if you want a casual look.

My Deets

T-Shirt: New Look

Skirt: New Look

Stockings: Fiore

Heels: Office

The Review

From The Website: Marion is a stunning take on an old favourite, the polka dot stockings. These are a simple and elegant looking design, but with a slightly less conventional stocking top, they are so much more original and different from the rest of the Fiore range. The plain top with a geometric pattern is eye catching and is much more versatile than a lace top design.

* 20 denier
* Dot pattern
* Sheer leg
* Flat top
* Soft and smooth
* 86% Polyamide
* 14% Elastane

The Packaging

Getting Them On: I did my scrunch and roll, making sure that I took care going over my anklets and slowly rolling them up the legs so they sit nicely without feeling too tugged. I also wanted an even finish with an ombre effect.

On The Legs: well what can I say apart from I LOVE IT? These are super dainty polka dots, which I felt worked so well with my outfit. I wanted patterned tights to put with it, and these were the perfect match with the mini polka dots. It wasn’t too much and they are super adorable!

The denier was perfect with this pattern – I love how it’s dark enough to cover the legs well with those small polka dots scattered across the legs. I feel 20 denier is a great shade for all legs; they are still sheer enough but give you great coverage.

The quality of these are great; they hug the legs really well and don’t damage as easily if you take care in them. Luckily I was wearing a long skirt so it hid most of my legs and protected my stockings! I didn’t have an issue with these at all.

The fit of the pair is great and I had enough material to get them to sit a lot higher up. These were a size medium I tried, which do fit me well and give me a little extra material so I can tug them up slightly higher than usual if needed. If I went for a small, I know these would look a lot sheerer and these would be sitting mid thigh on me. Regardless, these sat well on the legs and there was no gapping.

The feel of them are really nice; you have a smooth base with the polka dots sewn after so they are raised slightly when you run your hands over them. They don’t irritate the skin, and they are such a joy to be. I love the soft, smooth feel to them!

The Toes & Ankle: these come with reinforced toes, and this time they have done it in a darker denier. Normally they tend to have invisible reinforced toes, however i suppose to match the welts, they have made them darker so it flows nicely.

I had plenty of room around the toes, to the point I had some extra material at the ends of my toes. There was no pressure added around the toes or feet when I was in them, so you’re safe if you have mid-long nails.

Around the feet and ankles, there is no wrinkling to be found (I half expected it due to the larger size).

The Bands: now this is where you can have some fun with the welts. I stretched mine out to give a deeper looking welt, however on the model they do theirs slightly smaller in width. This is basically optional and how you want them to look. I had plenty of stretch in my pair to enable me to do this, but if you get your sizing, it may not be possible.

The welts do stretch out to fit your thighs, which I like. They don’t return full to their shape, so just know that you may have a baggy top of your stockings when you take them off. They are super comfortable about the thighs, and have plenty of stretch so you don’t end up with a muffin top above your stockings (this is when your hosiery is too tight and squeezes your thighs to create a bulge on top).

I loved the fit here, and I think the design really tops it off nicely. They work so well together; the scalloping with the polka dots. I really liked it and thought it was pretty unique.

My Thoughts?

I think these are adorable and a great pair to wear wherever you like; I know these would work so well with a vintage dress or skirt, or maybe a skater skirt for that added feminine touch! I think they are great and I would happily recommend them!

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  1. The idea of wearing a suspender belt even with a longer length of skirt to work for many of my female friends could put them off, if you have not already covered this topic maybe it would be worth considering doing a video about wearing suspenders in daytime or at the office/work.

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