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Fiore Lavis Patterned Tights

Hello again Fiore – it has been a while, and I am back in a patterned pair once again! As I’ve mentioned before it’s been hit and miss with Fiore, but I am willing to give it another go hoping that these will be a better quality pair!

I bought these pair from eBay back in January and haven’t had the chance to pull them out until now! Get your pair here >> Fiore Lavis Patterned Tights


My Outfit 

So I kept it simple with a black dress and then I went for my new pumps rather than shoes with these to switch it up a little. I know I am disappointing some people here, but I like to be versatile!

You can easily pair these with so much because of that thick band around the thigh and the backseam, but I went for the classic look.

My Deets:
Dress: AX Paris

Tights: Fiore via eBay

Pumps: Dorothy Perkins


The Review

Let me start off with what the seller on eBay has written about the tights:

“An eye catching and striking checkerboard patterned tights.

20 Denier

Sheer to waist

Semi Matte appearance

Sheer to waist

No gusset size 2

Small lined gusset sizes 3 and 4

Invisibly Reinforced Toe

Flat seams for comfort

Model shown to left wearing black (White pattern)

Hand wash only

Do not tumble dry “


Most of Fiore’s packaging shows the model’s legs as if she is walking away, so you can see the full design of them. It has a peephole at the top and then the main selling points stated at the back:

Invisibly reinforced

Flat seams

Cotton gusset

Stronger structure


These have been flat-packed, which means there is no crease to help you line up that backseam, so it’s all down to how good you are at bending down in front of a mirror to line up – well that’s what I do!



One thing that annoys me about Fiore when they flat pack – it’s like they’re twisted at the top. They’re folded in half at the waistband and then flat packed from the gusset down, which makes it tricky to get them on easily and quickly.

Oh a little note here: use hosiery gloves as these are pretty delicate to touch. 


So getting them on is ok I have to say – didn’t find it as hard as I would, but getting that backseam to line up is always tricky. One leg I can do perfectly and the other always goes wonky on me!!


Around the reinforced toes is enough room for wiggle space and it’s so sheer, you can’t even see any signs of reinforcement so dead happy about that! Now we shall put them to the test in my pumps!


The denier is 20, however there is a contrast in them – from the band down is darker, and the band up is a lot lighter (around 10-15), which I think is quite nice when you see the full leg. It’s a matte look, which works really well with the design to emphasise it rather than blend in.


The band itself is knitted and feels it too. I really do like the way Fiore have done this as it’s just the same with the backseam as well. Close up you can see the knit, but from far it can be hard to tell. The only bad thing is it sits so low on the thighs – I normally like mine sitting higher on the thigh so it’s covered under semi-short dresses, but these sit only a few inches away from the knees so most of my band was exposed on my legs! Not too happy about that but what can you do hey?



The waistband is pretty decent to begin with, however I could feel it start to roll over itself during the day (and that’s not with me sitting down all day either). I have pulled them up and down a few times and still does have majority of its hold from when I first got them on, but it does slightly start to loosen.


Now I have to mention something terrible!!!

Ok so it started from when I took a picture on my Instastory of the close-up. It was a fab picture that I thought would be my teaser – all was good here. as I walked into work, everything was fine and everyone was staring at my dress riding up my legs uncovering the band!

As I got to my desk, I saw that the band was sitting pretty low on my thighs, so decided to use my dress as my gloves and pinch and pull up rather than using my nails on the tights in case it snags or something.

I then hear a rip in my tights and a ladder doing down the design – I AM MORTIFIED! I was under the impression that these are pretty durable so certainly wasn’t expecting that to happen! All I can say is thank god it happened in the band and not on the actual sheer parts of my legs – I would have gone home to change my tights if that was the case!!!

The next best option was to use the most hardening hairspray I have in my desk draw (in case of emergencies like this) and so far it has held well and no more runs in that band!!


Overall Thoughts?

I actually do like the Fiore brand as they have such gorgeous designs, but the fact that these didn’t even snag and I managed to get a hole in them first thing in the morning, I am not impressed. The denier is lovely on these and do make those legs look good, but the killer is how they still lack on the quality. Imagine if I actually used my nails on the tights instead of pinching through my thick dress?!

Thanks Fiore but this didn’t quite make the cut!


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  1. How totally exquisite. Those legs go on forever and take center stage here. This superb post will more than likely be responsible for a thousand fantasies 🙂