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Fiore Idalia Gloss Tights

And hello again ladies and gents! It sure has been a long time since my last review. I do apologise as after the wedding it has been so buys with work, packing for the honeymoon and trying to move into my in-laws as well! I have told most of my clients this before I went.

But now I am back and have got so many to review so I thought I would make a start with these Fiore Gloss Tights! I decided to buy a few pairs to try out and these were the first I went for!

My Outfit

So I didn’t do a full image of it this morning but I teamed these babies up with my checkered skater dress and my boots. I wanted the legs to be the focal point today!

The Review

So let’s begin on the packaging: very simple and minimal showing the model wearing a pair on the front. They aren’t the exact colour but you get the jist of it.  Everything you need to know is all stated at the back!!

Taking them out the packet you do need to be careful; I found they stuck together slightly due to the material so a small warning there before you rush to get them on.

The band on these seem pretty good however throughout the day I found that they did fall slightly down the waist. I suppose it could also depend on the undies you are wearing (if you do!) as the less you have on, the more likely chance it is to fall. Although in my eyes that shouldn’t be the case if they’re a decent pair!!

Bonus thing about these is that they have reinforced toes on them!! Perfect if you have long toenails *wink wink*

Once they’re on, you’ll feel how smooth they are against the skin – both inside and out. They glide over the anklets and just sit perfect all day. I love how soft they feel and especially being gloss, I though there would feel slightly sticky-like but they didn’t at all.

Now the best thing about these are that they are 20 denier but they look so much lighter when they’re on. I actually thought they would have been around 10-15 denier with how sheer they are.

Do thry catch easily? Well I was being extra careful with these especially since I haven’t been in tights for a while, but they hardly did. I managed to snag it slightly at the back but I bumped into something sharp right before taking them off!! Otherwise they’re been behaving all day!

Would I recommend? Yep I would. They’re cheap and affordable and such a lovely pair too. I love the two looks that they give – in the dark it’s more of a darker black and in the light they shine and glisten!


8 thoughts on “Fiore Idalia Gloss Tights

  1. So happy that you are back. I missed seeing your legs and feet in pantyhose. These look amazing on you. Gives you perfect leg shape. WOW!!!! You always make something grow very big. Thank you mrs. soni