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Fiore Hanna and Cute Skirts

I thought I would do a little something on my OOTD, seeing as I bought a new shirt and skirt and was dying to wear them together.

As it’s a really cute shirt and a skater skirt, I thought the best thing to do is go girly! So I added a choker and did that little bow thing with my strappy shoes paired up with Fiore Hanna (I have reviewed these before way back on my Insta) to finish it off.


… and it looks so awesome!

The sheer on the tights makes my legs look super long with the skirt and the heels just top it all off really. I kept it simple and plain at the top with a non-statement necklace and left my hair as bedhead too!

The little ballerina-type lace up really helps set the outfit off, as it intertwines with the shoes making it look as one.


3 thoughts on “Fiore Hanna and Cute Skirts

  1. OMG, WOW!!!! By far your best pics. Your legs and feet in these pantyhose and heels make your legs so perfect in shape. You are making something tingle with them. Thank you mrs soni for sharing.