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Fiore Gladis Mock Suspenders

Now these are interesting – and I love interesting!

I got gifted these by a mysterious follower once again, as I had put these on my wishlist before and a follower purchased them but they had sent the biggest size possible so I had to return them – finally they are back in my cupboard where they belong!

I have to admit I like to outfit I paired these up these – I thought it would be a little too much however it works really well! (I had to put a mini skirt on underneath just in case work found my outfit too short!)


So let’s begin:

  • Packaged well as Fiore always do.
  • The 40 denier is pretty thick so the shaping around your toes will be a little baggy on the sides unless you have big toes!
  • I am sure they are invisibly reinforced – I forgot to check the pack but we shall see after today with the amount of running around I have to do!
  • I love the contrast once again – ¾ of my leg are 40 denier and working its way to the top, it becomes 20 with the design.
  • The design itself is lovely and can work well with any outfit that you want to make sassy.
  • It works up as a mock suspender and then has the full design at the top surrounding the pantyline.
  • The design is also on the front as well as the back – the back has slightly more detail though.
  • They sit well and doesn’t stretch too much around the thighs – I was worried that the design wouldn’t look good if stretched too much at the top, but it was perfectly fine.
  • They do not snag easy – due to the thick denier (always a bonus!)


The not so brill:

  • The design at the back doesn’t pop as much as it shows on the pack. So unless you radiate sunlight from your legs, the backseam from ankle to thigh is quite dark. I tried to get a decent picture of it but failed!
  • The 20 denier bit does snag a little easily so be aware when you do the final roll up!
  • I mentioned about the bagginess around the toes – this bugs me a little, even when I wear boots or closed toe shoes, I would still like it to fit as close as possible to my toes.


The deets:

Oversized shirt & belt – Republic

Tights – Fiore Gladis via Amazon

Boots – Toms Wedges in Tan


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