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Fiore Femmes Weave Tights

I have to say I am liking Fiore’s new collection, which had led me to purchase this pair. I loved the look of them and thought why not even if they do turn out to be rubbish.

I also got myself a couple of other pairs, which were worn in Paris, but this pair I decided to save for work to style it with something funky!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: 2 – Small

Denier: 20

Materials: 88% nylon, 12% elastane

Price: £4.00

Website: eBay – FIORE Weave Luxury Super Soft 20 Denier Decorative Polka Dot Patterned Tights

My Outfit

So the bottom half of me is the statement today; I wore a t-shirt bodysuit with my cobalt blue skater skirt, added those funky tights and finished off with my gold glitter booties!

My hair was a mess today as I didn’t have time to curl it, so went with natural waves!

My Deets

T-Shirt: Open

Skirt: H&M

Tights: Fiore

Booties: Next



The Review

The Packaging: I am liking this packaging; it’s a light peachy colour with the model doing 2 poses at the front showing the design from far and close up.

The back hardly has any detail to state really; it goes into “patterned tights” in various languages, mentions about the gusset design along with reinforced toes (I think) and then about the sizing. Most of it is in Polish!


Getting Them On: so as these come flat packed, they should be easy to get on the legs.

I didn’t use gloves this time as I wanted to test them out with long nails to see if they’re gonna be trouble to begin with. I have to say that they were fine rolling on, and over the anklets too, so win win!


On The Legs: now moving on the legs, I am loving the look of these but there are also some things I need to mention…

The denier is 20, which works so well with the design being around 40-60 to get those polka dots to stand out.

The quality however is not something I was happy about in the end; these had managed to snag almost everywhere on the legs and feet, which did upset me a little as I tried my hardest all day to refrain from this happening!

The fit was fab – I cannot complain here as they hugged the legs real well. The same goes for the feel of them; super soft and smooth and were real nice looking once they were on the legs. I have to admit they did feel quite tight at first when I got them on, but then loosened slightly to fit the thighs (thank goodness!)

The design is super cute, and to be honest I bought them just for this reason! They’re like the diamond pattern you can get but a modernised twist to them, which works so wonderfully well. It makes the outfit become classy yet playful depending on how you dress it. Well thought out design there!


The Toes & Ankle: so just to point out I am not sure if these are invisibly reinforced so make sure those nails aren’t too long! I have to say these did super well in my booties all day; I half expected them to rip as my nails are currently long and need a trim!

The design starts right from the toe seam and works its way under the tushy, which means open toe shoes can be worn with these!

Around the ankles; I have no issues 🙂


The Waistband: so the band is comfortable, sit really nicely around the waist and never are too tight (no matter how much you eat throughout the day!)

These sit around my belly button; a nice slim band which doesn’t roll down or squish my tummy at any point. I don’t really have much to say about the band as it did its job and I was really happy with it 🙂




My Thoughts?

For what its worth, these are pretty awesome. I have to say I wish I never snagged these as I have fallen in love with them, but otherwise I really like them. Fiore have upped their game and (fingers crossed) are now producing some good quality hosiery.

I would recommend these for sure!

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