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Fiore Femmes Pierre Tights

Bring on another eBay purchase seeing as I came across them randomly when I was looking hidden gems! I thought these were super cute and playful … And would work perfectly in the office!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: Small

Denier: 20

Materials: 87% Polyamide, 12% Elastane and 1% Polypropylen

Price: £4.99

Website: eBay – FIORE Pierre Luxury Super Soft 20 Denier Decorative Anket Patterned Tights


My Outfit

Going a little floral … We are working with a black bodycon dress paired with a kimono and a waist belt. I added statement booties to these instead of normal black heels to really make the outfit pop! I kept my hair up this time to give it more of that oriental look!

My Deets

Dress: LOTD

Kimono: LOTD

Tights: Fiore

Belt: off another dress

Booties: Marks & Spencers



The Review

From The Website: Brand New With Tags and Gift Packed

FIORE Pierre Luxury Super Soft 20 Denier Decorative Anket Patterned Tights

Fiore Pierre luxury super soft 20 denier, sheer decorative anklet patterned tights.

87% Polyamide, 12% Elastane and 1% Polypropylen


The Packaging: with their new Femme packaging, they make it light and basic > but it works so well! I love how it really does stand out and doesn’t look cheap (if you see what I mean?)

The back doesn’t go into much detail about them to be honest so I won’t say much here.

When you get into them, you will find these flat folded so you just pick a side that you want to wear the design side and job done!

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Getting Them On: I picked the right hand side to wear them, and I can’t believe it looks like a high anklet on the legs. I actually looks pretty real from afar!

Anyways so I did my usual scrunch and roll with them, taking care over anklets as these are delicate and then rolled them to the top like normal. There is some stretch in these but not much, so if you’re not too sure on your size I would go the next one up!


On The Legs: these look so cute! They are so simple but work so nicely to just add that little touch to your outfit.

The denier is 20, but I find it to be looking more like 15 on the legs to be honest. The quality of them are real good, until I decided to snag them with my bag!! I was no impressed!

The fit and feel are great; these are true to their size with little stretch in them so I would say get the next size up (as I mentioned before) if you’re unsure. The feel of them are super soft for a matt, which I love!

The design itself has 5 little talismans on the thin band. This does end in the inner leg (where it has quite a large gap).


The Toes & Ankle: I can’t say I have any complaints here. There’s enough wiggle room for the toes, no pressure applied during the day, no extra material hanging around and they fit and feel real nice.

Around the ankles, these are a smooth soft fit with my signs of wrinkles!


The Waistband & Gusset: even the waistband did me good today! As I was sitting most of the day, it did have that weird belly indent in them in the middle, but not once did it roll over itself which I was pleased about! They are a lovely snug fit on the waist, have plenty of elasticity in them and they hold up so well!



My Thoughts?

For under £5, you cannot go wrong to be honest. It’s a good buy (and I am sure some other places would sell it cheaper). They look so cute and are great on the legs (minus my blooper snags!)

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